The Age of Aquarius is here to blow off the cobwebs (thank god)

After a sh*tstorm of a year, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn connected in an air sign; something that happens once every two centuries! Could 2021 be the dawn of a new, better age for humanity? Our resident astrology Natasha Weber weighs in.  

Have we entered the Age of Aquarius? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you think.

For starters, astrologers worldwide can’t agree on a start date for the Age of Aquarius. And the truth is, no exact beginning for any great age has been set in stone. Some astrologers believe humanity is already knee-deep in the Age of Aquarius, whereas others claim we have a one and a half-century wait. However, one recent cosmic event suggests that the Age of Aquarius kicked off just as 2020 was wrapping up.

The Great Conjunction – a vital clue

On December 22nd, 2020, the world witnessed the Great Conjunction when two planetary heavyweights made a rare astrological alignment. Jupiter and Saturn connect in the heavens once every 20 years.

Although this doesn’t seem like earth-shattering news, their alignment in an air sign only once every 200 years, makes this a notable astrological event. It also means that humanity has begun a double set of new cycles – a 20-year cycle inside a 200-year cycle. Moreover, the planetary meet-up took place in zero degrees, the beginning point of Aquarius, the zodiac’s last air sign.

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Jupiter’s meet-up with Saturn is special

The last time Jupiter and Saturn met up in Aquarius was in the 15th century. Given that it’s super rare for Aquarius to host Jupiter and Saturn, it’s bound to cause a shake-up of epic proportions.

Still, many astrologers believe this doesn’t guarantee entry into the Age of Aquarius. Nevertheless, throughout history, Jupiter and Saturn’s kiss has triggered political, cultural, and social transformations. One such event that’s linked to the great conjunction rewrote our history books: the birth of Christ.

The Star of Bethlehem

The Great Conjunction made its mark as the Bethlehem Star, which was actually an alignment between Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. This cosmic trio created the bright heavenly anomaly followed by the three wise men, who were astrologers. Let’s not forget that in ancient times, planets were considered to be moving stars. Many astrologers believe Christ’s birth heralded the Age of Pisces. And to this day, the fish remains a symbol of Christianity.

The great ages and the precession of the equinoxes

The great ages don’t always coincide with the great conjunction that involves Jupiter and Saturn’s cycles. It’s more accurate to say that the great ages align with the precession of the equinoxes and are influenced by the wobble of the Earth on its axis.

Put simply, imagine that you drew a line out into space, from the centre of the Earth. Then, this line traces a path backwards through the constellations as the Earth rotates. Each great age refers to the period that this imaginary line spends in each constellation. And here’s something that’ll blow your mind; one age, through one constellation, equates to one wobble of the Earth. All this takes a whopping 2160 years!

Each great age reflects its zodiac sign

Looking back through history, we can see that each age reflects humanity’s evolution in terms of its cultural, social and political developments. Moreover, the themes experienced during these eras represented each age’s zodiac sign. For example, the Age of Aries was ruled by Mars, the god of war. During this era, kingdoms were fighting for control, as they divided and conquered.

The Age of Taurus saw the establishment of agriculture and farming. Taurus links to this era as an earth sign, connected to the land, food and nourishment. Language, the alphabet and writing were developed during the Age of Gemini, the sign of communication. You get the idea.

So then, if we know when previous great ages occurred, why can’t we declare the Age of Aquarius has officially launched? Well, that would depend on when the Age of Pisces began, as we’d count 2160 years from then. The general consensus is that the Age of Pisces started at the birth of Christ. But if that were true, the Age of Aquarius wouldn’t start for another one hundred and fifty years.

Here’s what I think

I believe that the recent Great Conjunction influenced the transition into the Age of Aquarius. Because, if the Bethlehem Star and Christ’s birth kicked off the Age of Pisces, then Jupiter and Saturn’s alignment in zero degrees Aquarius is of equal astrological importance, given its rarity. That said, significant change takes time.

A transition period is crucial for new developments to take root. The human psyche doesn’t like major overnight transformations – they just don’t stick. Which is why profound, lasting change is referred to as a process of evolution.

While we may not have completely closed the door on the Age of Pisces, the process into the Age of Aquarius has indeed begun. Humanity has stepped over the threshold into a crucial period of transition, where fragile intentions are beginning to blossom. 2021 is calling us to sow the seeds for a new reality.

What can we expect in the Age Of Aquarius?

Considering that each age has reflected its zodiac sign’s traits throughout history, we can presume the same from the Age of Aquarius. Buckle up for a new paradigm that’s set to redefine our direction. Freedom is an Aquarian buzzword, so expect personal, political and religious rights to be hotly debated. Individual liberties will also be revamped. Community, how we interact, and our social conscience is about to radically change too.

Given that independence, reform and rebellion are synonymous with Aquarius, Australia may decide to separate from the Monarchy. Aquarius is a highly cerebral sign, so we’ll see remarkable advancements in the areas of science and medicine.

This cerebral sign is a step ahead of Gemini’s gift of the gab and Virgo’s analytical prowess. However, Aquarius is also known for its emotional coolness and ability to detach. The danger is that the Aquarian autonomy replaces romance, compassion and courtship. Marriage may be up for review too. “Till death do us part” could be replaced with a judicious seven-year contract. Personally, I don’t think this is a bad idea. Still, as we step into the Age of Aquarius, we mustn’t lose touch with our intuition or forget to honour our feelings.

My hope lies in Aquarius’ compassion for humanity, and its desire to unite people, regardless of their race, culture or social standing. Aquarius has a strong sense of community. At best, the Age of Aquarius promises a world with one common goal – humanity’s betterment. And as the song goes, that’s something to sing about.

Natasha Weber is Body+Soul’s resident astrologist. You can follow her on Instagram @astrotash.