Take your houseplant obsession up a notch with a garden room

Garden rooms are the latest houseplant trend.

It’s no secret that millennials love houseplants, but this year the trend will be taken up a notch with garden rooms. Up 104 per cent on Pinterest, garden rooms (literally rooms or corners filled with plants) are the latest way to nix stress. Here we explain how to make one, what plants are best and how they can help you.

Take a quick scroll through Instagram or Facebook and you’ll no doubt be met with more wellness trends than you can count (although we did narrow down the top 20 right here) and health trends by the dozen (or these seven in particular). But just like the tides, trends come and ago. While keto was all the rage in 2019, 2020 is all about the Sirtfood Diet. There is one exception, though, and that’s the indoor plant trend.

In vogue since the 70s, houseplants took over the health, wellness and lifestyle space last year, where we did everything from finding the perfect houseplant based on our personality to filling our Instagram feed with plantspiration at every turn.

In 2020, our obsession is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s only getting bigger – and that’s where a garden room comes in.

Rather than shoving a fiddle-leaf fig in the corner or plotting a lone aloe vera on your bedroom shelf, this year you’ll be dedicating entire rooms to your indoor plants, and it’s for a good reason.

Not only do indoor plants improve air quality and boost your concentration, several studies also show that people exposed to green spaces (especially those who live in cities) are happier, healthier and more satisfied with life than people who aren’t.

Here’s everything you need to know to create your very own garden room.

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Pick your room

First things first, decide which part of the house your garden room will live. If you’re lucky enough to have a few spare rooms, you might consider converting an outdoor patio into your garden room. If you don’t have that luxury, don’t sweat it. Simply pick whichever room in your house that can accommodate your new green friends. Maybe that’s your study, your living room, your bathroom or your sitting room.

Consider the environment

While you’re deciding on which room to use, consider whether it has access to sunlight (aka, does it have windows?) and whether it’s too hot or too cold. Most plants need filtered sunlight at least, and most don’t like cool draughts, so a spot right under the air-conditioner probably won’t work.

Choose your theme

Snake plants and succulents might thrive on low-humidity, but areca palms and ferns won’t, so try to pick a theme. Maybe you’d prefer a tropical vibe, or maybe you’re going for a rainforest look. Of course, if you like a mix, you can always give humidity-loving plants a regular mist, but be realistic about how much time you’ll dedicate to your plants once they’re inside.

Bring in the plants!

To create a true garden vibe, switch up the type of pots you buy. Grab a few hanging pots – perfect for ivies and chain of hearts – as well as ground-level pots and place them on the floor, on top of furniture and on stands. If you’re placing plants on carpet or a rug, make sure it has a saucer so water doesn’t spill onto the floor.

Your garden room staples

Not sure which plants to welcome into your abode? Here are five plants even the blackest of thumbs can handle:

Cast iron plant

This beauty will tolerate dimly-lit rooms and a certain degree of neglect, which makes it perfect for beginners. Its long leaves are the perfect addition to broody corners.

Chain of hearts

Hang this romantic plant from your ceiling or pop it on top of your bookshelf to make the most of its trailing heart-shaped leaves. Only water when the soil’s dry – it doesn’t like to stay wet.

Rubber tree

Low on space? Got loads of room? This guy has your back. Stick him in a small pot to liven up shelves or side tables or give him a larger home and turn him into a centerpiece.

Peace lily

The powerful peace lily will purify the air in your home, release oxygen at night and brighten your room with its emerald leaves and gorgeous white flowers. Wait for the leaves to droop before you give it a drink.


Found in tropical locales as ground cover, arrowhead will give your garden room a lush rainforest vibe. It prefers warmer temps and humidity, so keep it away from direct sun and give it a regular misting.