Super organised present ideas for your slightly OCD bestie

Thoughtful presents to calm the mind and prep for a productive 2020.

Christmas is the best time of the year, but it’s deciding on gifts that can turn you into a bit of a Grinch. Don’t worry, we understand, which is why the body+soul editorial team is presenting you with our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide collection. Whether you’re buying a gift for a family member, friend or colleague, we’ll be sharing the best ideas you need to know about – you might even find a few things to add to your Santa wish list.

We all have that friend whose organisational skills make the rest of us look like our life is (comparatively) in shambles. But with such attention often comes a streak of perfectionism, and sometimes high levels of stress. We’ve found six stylish gift ideas that will satiate their need for order, but also give them a chance to chill out this Christmas. Happy shopping!

What: Tape dispenser ($24.95 at Kikki.K) and stapler ($24.95 at Kikki.K)

Why: Keeping her desk organised (and colour co-ordinated) will give her joy all year.

What: Glasshouse Mini Candle Christmas Trio ($55.95 at Glasshouse Candles)

Why: Taking some time out to light a candle is a nice way to decompress from the stress of the silly season, especially if your pal has a tendency to overplan. The festive scents will make it a double treat!

What: Calm the F*ck Down, by Sarah Knight ($19 at Amazon)

Why: Being a little OCD can also mean your loved one can be highly strung. This might give them the nudge they need to take a deeeeep breath. The title says it all, doesn’t it?

What: Mask face brush ($22.95 at Salt by Hendrix)

Why: She’ll appreciate the precision this applicator gives when applying her next face mask on #selfcareSunday.

What: Body Good Diary ($39.95, at Body Good Food)

Why: This diary contains it all: seasonal produce list, full and new moon reminders, monthly recipes, reminders for women’s health checks, monthly recipes, as well as the usual organisational features you’d expect from a yearly planner.

What: Monogram personalised stationery ($45 for 10, at Papier)

Why: There’s nothing more impressive, or thoughtful, than receiving a thank you note on personalised stationery. A fact that those who love the finer details in life are sure to appreciate.