Sony’s Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones review

It wasn’t too long ago when we were all rocking those annoying wired earphones that would literally get in the way of everything – not to mention the amount of time you’d spend untangling that damn cord.

But now we’ve become accustomed to our tech savvy wireless headphones and earphones, and life is, well, so easy and breezy.

The only problem is that the wireless earphone industry has become quite flooded over the years, making it difficult to choose which one to splash your cash on.

And now, Sony has just dropped another: the WF-1000XM3.

However, this one is a little different to the rest. It features the latest earphone tech no other brand has been able to do yet – ones that are complete noise-cancelling.

We tried them out to see exactly how they rate.


This one is a no-brainer: the sound from these babies are like no other wireless earbuds out on the market.

Why? They deliver the same pristine quality as Sony’s best-selling wireless headphones that were released last year.

Although small, the designers have managed to fit in both the Dual Noise Sensor technology and a new HD Noise Cancelling processor QN1e to catch and cancel noise respectively, so the only sound you’ll hear through your ears is the music.

Anything ranging from city traffic, to wind or aircraft cabin noise is completely blocked out, just like what you’d expect from noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

And if total silence isn’t for you, you can choose between 20 levels of cancelling via the Sony app, or with a single tap on the left bud’s touchpad, you can switch to ambient sound mode or let outside noise in.


I’ve never been a huge fan of earphones designed with tip attachments as I’ve found them to be uncomfortable to wear and they never seem to fit my ears properly. In saying that, these earbuds are a completely different story. The WF-1000XM3 come with four sets of ‘hybrid’ rubbery tips and three sets of ‘triple comfort’ foamy tips, so there is a perfect fit for everyone – yep, even for my weird ears.

Moreover, the buds have been specifically designed with an ‘ergonomic tri-hold’ structure, which helps hold the earbuds firmly in place.

Workout compatibility

Unfortunately they weren’t specifically made for working out in (due to fit and the buds not being sweat proof), however I beg to disagree.

Okay, I can’t say much about the sweat issue because I may be known for not sweating a lot during an exercise sesh, but I can confirm they stayed in place during an entire 5km run – and I only stopped to adjust them once. I’m thinking the same would apply to a strength session or even a spin class.


The buds are definitely on the larger size compared to other competitors, however they are quite deceiving with each bud only weighing 8.5g each. Moreover, its larger body means they can sit securely and comfortably in your ear.

And although the battery case does err on the larger side, too, this is the component which makes the entire product sleeker and chicer. It feels solidly built and like a high-end device, which is exactly what you want from a product you’ll be investing a decent amount of mulla on.

Battery life

Just when you thought the designers couldn’t make the buds more enticing, they went in and added an incredible battery life. The buds themselves have a six-hour battery life with noise-cancelling on – and eight with it off – while the (sexy) case charges them three times for a total of 24 hours of active noise control listening per charge.

Furthermore, the quick charge function comes in handy when your buds are completely dead – just 10 minutes of charging in its case can give you up to 90 minutes of battery life. So yes, you’ll never be without your music.


The Sony WF-1000XM3 will set you back $399.95, but compared to other wireless earbuds on the market that don’t have quite as many features, the price isn’t too worrying. Also, here are five other reasons you need them in your life:

1. It’s an investment

2. Think about cost per wear

3. Girrrl, you deserve it. Treat yo’self.

4. Your crime podcasts will sound 200 per cent better through them

5. Christmas is around the corner…

To get your hands on the Sony WF-1000MM3, head here.