So… what exactly does a homoeopath do?

Ever wonder what homeopathy is and what a homeopath actually does? Holistic health expert Josephine Zappia sheds light on the subject.

Basically, a homeopath is a practitioner of natural medicine.

A prescription for homeopathic medicines involves obtaining a complete analysis of the patient’s history, family history, and medical history.The homeopath will then look at the presenting complaint and prescribe a remedy based on all that information and the presenting state of the patient.

This can be done for acute or chronic conditions, however the chronic condition is much more complex and requires a longer consultation and a deeper understanding of the patient as a whole individual.There are times the homoeopath will need to address the acute exacerbation of a long standing chronic condition.


Homoeopathy is a highly individualised system of medicine, just as nutrition also requires an individual approach. Nutritional deficiency is an easily overlooked and common obstacle to cure.

A homeopath is well informed of the conditions that specific nutritional deficiencies can cause. When seeing a patient, the homoeopath will check appetite and diet, giving them vital information about not only personal preferences that they incorporate into the prescription, but also nutritional deficiencies.

Homoeopathic medicine has the capacity to enhance mineral absorption, but it is unlikely to be a substitute for frank deficiency. It is a system of medicine that gently stimulates the body’s energy flow back to equilibrium, allowing the body to do what it does best – heal itself.

Energy alignment

“Align your Body, achieve your Dreams.” The next level version of your life requires the next level version of you. A homoeopath will match the energy of the patient to the remedy.

The way you respond to things is going to change first and then the symptoms you are experiencing will fall away as they no longer need to be there to teach/show you what you need to know/learn.

Much like attachment to anything, when we fight against anything we go against the flow of life. A homeopath works the same way, by working WITH the principles of nature, and allowing the flow of life.

By allowing homeopathy to gently shift the lens through which we operate, we allow our bodies to align back to equilibrium and gently let go of what no longer serves our highest good.

Attached to nothing; connected to everything.

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