Sleeping naked boosts sleep quality, body confidence and intimacy

Think about it: some of the most pleasurable scenarios in your life probably involve being naked. A long, hot bath; a 90-minute Swedish massage; being tangled in the bedsheets with your partner (or yourself)!

And there’s another I’d like to add to the mix: spending the night sleeping completely sans clothes.

There are some obvious immediate advantages to sleeping in the nude — not least of all saving money on pyjamas. But along with the simple matter of preference, there are also a few real, science-backed reasons why forgoing your pj’s might actually be better for your health — particularly pertinent if you regularly share a bed with someone. So if you’re contemplating nixing your collection of nighties for good, a few of these arguments might be the final nudge you need.

It contributes to a better sleep

Personally, I can’t think of anything more pleasurable than an uninterrupted eight-hour snooze. Unfortunately, that happens about as frequently as Trump posting a grammatically-correct, sensical Tweet. But! Sleeping naked helps. A huge factor that contributes to how quickly you fall asleep, as well as the quality of your sleep, is the temperature of your body. Sleeping too hot can reduce your melatonin production (the hormone that regulates your sleep) and wearing bedclothes that aren’t conducive to breathing can heat up your body temp fast.

It challenges you to become more body positive

Like practising any habit, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Couldn’t we all do with introducing a little more self-love in our lives? Spending some time embracing our bodies for how beautiful they are? The more time you spend naked (alone or in company) the more comfortable with your own nudity, and the more body positive you’re likely to become.

It’s good for your bits

You know when you air-dry your clothes after washing them, rather than reverting to the dryer? And how much fresher they feel? An unorthodox analogy, perhaps, but it’s a little the same when you sleep without underwear. There’s an argument that sleeping nude is unsanitary — but in fact, sleeping in your underwear is actually far riskier for your vagina than sleeping nude, because the moist, dark environment that underwear creates is conducive to letting bacteria grow overnight.

It helps with weight management

Stress is a huge contributing factor to weight gain, thanks to the stress hormone cortisol. Coincidentally, cortisol is at its lowest while we’re asleep. So if you sleep poorly (or not enough) it’s a chance you’ll wake with higher cortisol levels than you should. And since this hormone also works to activate your appetite, it could result in making poor culinary choices throughout your day. We’ve already established that a naked night’s sleep tends to be a better night’s sleep, so if you’re currently hoping to stabilise or lose weight, this is an easy win to keep you on track.

Skin on skin contact reduces stress

Fun fact: skin-to-skin contact helps to stimulate your body’s release of “love hormone” oxytocin. Physical touch has also been known to lower blood pressure and contribute to increased happiness overall. So, if you share your bed night after night, your skin-to-skin contact (intentional or otherwise) will inevitably increase. Which leads me to…

More scope for better, and more frequent, sex

Morning sex is far more likely to happen if you’re both already naked. Need I say more?

So, those are the bare facts. The next time you have an adult sleepover, lose the pajamas and just see what happens in the morning. (But, in advance – you’re welcome).