Sam Wood drank too much in lockdown, just like the rest of us

Yes, just like the rest of us, Sam Wood confesses he drank a few too many quarantinis in the midst of the coronavirus lockdowns. Now, as an ambassador for Febfast, the personal trainer shares with us how he’s planning to get back on track and how you can, too.  

When the coronavirus lockdown hit Melbourne, alcohol sales went through the roof. Even the most disciplined of us started drinking more, and that includes personal trainer Sam Wood.

“It sort of crept up on me a little bit,” he says.

“Two young kids, working from home, having dinner earlier, that kind of thing, getting on the barbie and cracking beers at five o’clock in the afternoon was becoming a very easy thing to do.”

It doesn’t sound like much, he says, but “if you’re doing that three or four times a week and having a couple of beers each time, it very quickly adds up.”

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Body+Soul: What were the effects of drinking having on your weight, mood and energy levels?

Sam Wood: The beers probably added a kilo or two around my tummy, the alcohol also made me less motivated in the morning for my workouts, which meant I was exercising less too.

When you do that week in, week out, over a six month period, it’s amazing, before you know, you put on your board shorts for the first time and you go, of course it’s relative, but I do remember thinking “Hmm, this is probably the worst shape I’ve been in for a while”

Were there any other side effects of drinking that you were surprised about?

I also found I didn’t have quite the same energy to keep up with the kids, and because I wasn’t working out as much, my back got a bit sore because my core wasn’t as strong as normal. I’ve turned things around in the new year already, I’ve started to feel better, and I just want to keep that momentum going.

What was your realisation moment that your drinking habits needed to change? What motivated you to reassess?

Yeah, probably just around the summer, like everyone else, I just didn’t feel as fit and lean as I have in the past. I did turn 40 last year too, so your metabolism starts to slow down and you definitely don’t get away with things that you used to in your younger years. I’m determined to be in better shape at 41 than I was at 40.

What benefits do you think febfast will have for you?

Yeah, I have done febfast before, it’s funny, you think if you did it before, you wouldn’t let yourself go back to your old habits, but it is something that most of us tend to do. So for me, it’s just reminding myself about the energy I have and how good I feel.

I’ve set myself a goal for the month from a physical perspective, what kind of shape I can get into and how fit I can perhaps be at the end of that month, because I know that’ll really keep me dialed in. And I also notice from a mental health perspective that I tend to be in a better mood and have more clarity.

What’s your advice on staying motivated?

Oh, I think there are three things. I think the first one is, first of all, accept that your motivation will fluctuate and it is about what you do on the days that you’re not motivated that is most important. Some days, you will be motivated, other days, you won’t.

I often remind people to not look at others that are in good shape and think that these people are magically motivated because they are not. They are structured and disciplined. The second thing I tell people is that you’ve just got to be strong enough for long enough because the first seven to 10 days will be the hardest.

And then probably most importantly, don’t let a bad meal, a missed workout or even a bad day be the end. It’s all about how quickly you bounce back and get back on the horse.

Do you think febfast will change your relationship with alcohol for the long term?

I feel like we all tell ourselves that one month might not make that much of a difference, but then when we actually do it, you’ve got more energy, you sleep better, you save money, you’re better with your exercise, you’re better with your food. And all of a sudden you do see it as a positive spin off in so many facets of your life.

And so, yeah, I definitely think doing it this year will not only be helpful for thousands of my 28ers, but be a really good catalyst for me to have a healthier year this year than I did last year.

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