Sam Frost’s mental health advice with improve your anxiety, depression

Sam Frost has always been open about her battle with depression and anxiety.

Now, the Aussie actor has just launched Believe by Sam Frost, a mental health initiative for young girls and women focusing on depression, anxiety, toxic relationships and navigating the sometimes challenging world of social media.

Speaking to Healthy-ish co-host Eliza Cracknell on the latest episode ‘We all need to learn first aid for mental health’, the Aussie actor shares her top tips to improving your mental health.

“Everyone struggles with a tough time, regardless of your situation or where you are in your life,” Sam tells co-host Eliza Cracknell. “My number one advice is to go and see a psychologist.”

“It’s completely transformed my life the way I was thinking and it’s just changed the way I approach situations or even understand what’s going on in my brain.”

The actor now understands when she’s feeling “helpless and defeated” and is able to act upon this before the situation worsens.

2. Create a safe circle of people you trust

Her second point of advice is to create a safe circle of people you trust.

“There’s such an importance on creating a safe circle of friends, of people you trust, and people you know have your back unconditionally,” the 30-year-old says.

“All of my friends, I know I can tell them anything confidentially and they will never ever talk about me or share with other people, my information. I know that for a fact.”

It’s also important advice for family and friends who are unsure of how to help someone who is going through a difficult time.

“I think the best thing you can do if you’re concerned about a friend or loved one is be there for them. Let them know that you’re there regardless if they are a bit withdrawn.”

Sam knows those struggling with depression won’t openly admit it, so it’s vital they have a support network who are able to reinforce the point that they will be there for them, no matter what.

3. Keep active

“I think if I have an active body, it helps with my mind,” Sam explains. And this doesn’t have to be in the form of sweaty HIIT sessions at the gym; the self-confessed “crazy dog lady” says she loves nothing more than going for a walk with her two dogs.

4. Switch off your phone

“I cannot stress the importance of switching off your damn phone because it’s always there.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love a good scroll and I love connecting with my friends and I love being on social media, but I always switch off my phone and go ‘go away world.’”

Instead of having her phone on her 24/7, she specifically sets aside time during her day to reply back to everyone and catch up on social media.

“My friends know that I don’t get back to them straight away, and if it’s urgent then I’m sorry,” she laughs.

5. Don’t let social media define your self-worth

Even though she admits social media does have its positives, Sam stresses the fact that it should never define your self-worth – a lesson she’s learnt being in the spotlight.

“Your social media followers and likes is not a reflection of who you are as a person,” she explains.

“It doesn’t mean you’re worthless or worth more. We need to alleviate that pressure and just be in the real world, and be present and spent time with your friends.”

As much as she “loves talking photos” and liking other people’s, her life doesn’t revolve around it.

“I appreciate someone’s beautiful photos, but the obsessions with likes and followers isn’t healthy.”

We agree, Sam. We agree.