Reusable water bottles you’ll want to show off

The world is using almost 500 billion plastic water bottles per year. This number is expected to increase to 580 billion by 2021. Let that just sink in.

Even though you may think one person can’t make a difference, consciously deciding to swap your plastic bottle for a reusable one can actually have a significant environmental impact – while benefiting your health in the long run, too.

Luckily you don’t have to settle for a boring old Hydro Flask. In fact, owning a chic reusable water bottle – that’s also free from BPAs and nasty chemicals – is seen as a growing fashion trend these days.

But with so much choice to choose from, which one should you invest in? We’ve carefully compiled our current list of the top five reusable water bottles to shop online now, that are 100 per cent worth their price tag. Happy shopping…

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What: Beysis Personalised Water Bottle, $35.90, at Beysis

Why: Yes, just when you thought you couldn’t own another personalised item, you can now get your name (or initials) on your water bottle. Beysis offers five different fonts and three different coloured bottles to choose from. But this bottle isn’t just about looks – the double-walled stainless steel design and vacuum-insulated feature means this fancy bottle will keep your liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Oh, it’s also leak-proof and BPA free, too.

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What: Equa Smart Water Bottle, $120, at EQUA

Why: You have a smartphone and a smart TV so it’s only natural that your drink bottle be smart, too. This Equa water bottle, via bluetooth technology, keeps track of what you drink and reminds you to drink, so you stay adequately hydrated all day long. It also keeps cold water cold – think fridge temperature with every sip. But it’s not just brains; this bottle also has the looks. Marble and gold accents to be specific. Add to cart.

What: SoL Bottles, $44.95, at SoL Cups

Why: SoL Cups were the OGs of the reusable coffee cup trend, so of course the trusted brand needed to expand their range into the water bottle sphere. The difference with SoL’s products comes down to the type of glass used. Each product is made with hand blown glass and natural materials – namely sand – so it won’t absorb residual tastes, odours or germs, and will keep your liquids free from any chemicals. The only problem here is the dilemma of choosing your favourite bottle from 11 different chic colours.

What: Lifefactory 22 oz Glass Water Bottle with Classic Cap and Silicone Sleeve, $22.99, at Lifefactory

Why: There’s a good chance you’ve seen these bottles in the hands and homes of many. The range was created by a paediatric feeding specialist and integrative designer who had one goal in mind: to create a safe drinking solution. But they also go beyond just the everyday water bottle – from baby bottles to wine glasses, there’s literally one for every person and occasion.

What: A7 memobottle, $29.95, at memobottle

Why: What’s the biggest problem with water bottles? Their size and shape means they’re simply impractical to take anywhere. Enter: the A7 memobottle. Made from the highest quality BPA, BPS-free plastic, its flat shape makes it one of the few bottles that can actually fit inside a clutch, blazer or your pocket so you literally won’t have to go anywhere without water on hand. And if the A7 is too petite for you, it also comes in three bigger sizes also practical enough to slip into your handbag.