Potatoes invade woman’s flat while she was in quarantine

Pictures of a sack of potatoes taking over a woman’s apartment have gone viral on Twitter – and it’s freaking people out.

A French woman has returned home after spending time in compulsory coronavirus quarantine with her boyfriend, to find “mutant potatoes” taking over her apartment.

22-year-old Donna Porée posted a photo on Twitter of a bag of spuds with metre-long roots growing under her kitchen shelf.

“After 3 months of absence, my potatoes decided to push without limit until making holes in the joints,” she captioned the photo.

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The alien-like potatoes took over so much of her small flat, and gave her a shock upon her return.

“I was terrified at first, but after realising what it was I laughed a lot and shared a video of the plant on Snapchat,” Ms Porée told The Mirror.

“My friends couldn’t stop laughing. They found the whole situation unbelievable.”

Ms Porée said it took hours to clean up the mess.

“The shoots had fixed in place in the joints and were difficult to remove, I ended up having to cut some of the shoots out with scissors and I had to fill in the holes they made,” she added.

The post has already received nearly 200k likes and 61 retweets, with many commenting describing it as their “worst nightmare”.

“What the hell is it trying to do? It’s terrifying,” one said.

“Looks like a biotech nightmare,” another wrote.

A third person said: “I’m terrified of potatoes now.”

Others have also shared pictures of their wild sprouted potatoes.