Perth company introduces rage rooms to get over your ex

Suffered through a breakup this year? What better way to get over your ex (and all the crap they left behind) by destroying it in a rage room.

The coronavirus pandemic put many relationships to the test. But while some thrived, others, well, ended in disaster. In fact, breakups skyrocketed by 300 per cent during the pandemic.

So, if you’ve been dealing with the overwhelming emotions of a breakup in lockdown firstly, don’t worry hunni, there is someone better out there waiting for you! And secondly, Perth-based company Canning Vale Storage Units has created a solution to channelling all your breakup anger towards with their new Smash Storage Rage Rooms.

For a small $75 per hour, you can hire out a Smash Storage Rage Room. This cost includes them setting up the room for you with all the things that still remind you of your horrible ex. Plus, they’ll give you the protective gear and equipment to smash your stuff with like sledge hammers, baseball bats and crowbars.

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“This year hasn’t been the easiest of times for so many Australians, but especially for those that have had to also struggle with relationship breakdowns on top of everything else,” Stephen Dane of Canning Vale Storage Units said in a press statement. “So we decided to put some of our empty storage units to good use and help people work through their feelings at such a difficult time.”

A study of Canning Vale Storage Units’ customers found more than a third of people were either currently storing or had previously stored items belonging to, or gifted by, a former romantic partner.

“We’re hoping our Smash Storage sessions will safely inject some lighthearted fun into people’s lives and help them work through their problems, and get rid of the things their ex left behind, in a healthy and productive way.”

Tbh, it would be the best $75 spent this year.

For more information, head here.