Nutritionist Jessica Sepel’s morning routine that sets her up for a healthy day

From her breakfast-of-choice to when she exercises, to the supplements that make her glow, clinical nutritionist, Jessica Sepel, shares how she makes the most of her mornings. 

Having a nourishing morning routine is so important to set you up for the day ahead. My morning routine is something I stick to every day – even on weekends – because it helps me feel calm, energised and excited for the day ahead, and sets me up for a day of healthy choices.

Even if you get up 15 minutes earlier and try to incorporate some of my top tips, you’ll find you become more in touch with your body and mind and feel more positive and productive throughout the day.

My daily morning routine to set myself up for a healthy, positive day ahead includes the following…

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I start the day with mindfulness

I consciously avoid looking at my social media and emails until I’m get to my desk at 9am to allow for a peaceful, grounding morning. Instead of reaching for my phone the moment I open my eyes, I spend a few moments taking some deep belly breaths, connecting to my body and allowing myself to feel centred.

I’ll often meditate for ten minutes too. Lately I’ve been loving the guided meditations in the new and updated JSHealth App. Led by our expert yoga teacher Angelina Morino, they put me in a great headspace and instil a sense of gratitude in me.

Meditation helps me connect to my body, which I find also helps me make healthy choices throughout the day. It means I’m in tune with my body and what I actually need! I feel a sense of peace with myself and my body and want to nourish it with whole foods for the remainder of the day!

As soon as I finish meditating, I take a daily probiotic to support my gut health and enjoy a coffee. While I absolutely love coffee, I find that by having just one, first thing in the morning, I don’t place extra stress on my adrenals, and I sleep better at night!

Then, I’ll eat a JSHealth balanced, nutritious breakfast

My current favourite options are our delicious smoothie recipes using the JSHealth Protein + Probiotics vegan powder blends. Not only am I obsessed with both the Cookies + Cream and the Cinnamon Scroll protein, but I love the extra love they give to my gut, and they make breakfast the easiest thing ever!

Next, I’ll pop my supplements

My Hair + Energy vitamins are well-known for their incredible results in helping thousands of people’s hair grow longer, stronger and healthier, but I also love this formula for its energy-boosting properties!

It contains Iodine to support thyroid function, metabolism and energy function throughout the day, giving you that nice boost of energy and maintaining it so you don’t crash later! This long-lasting energy means you don’t need to turn to sugary foods for a quick pick-me-up or energy hit. Instead you can make healthy choices and know your blood sugar and energy levels will stay stable.

Another one of my non-negotiables every morning is my Metabolism + Sugar Support formula. This vitamin supports your metabolism and energy levels, as well as blood sugar levels and nervous system health.

Next, I’ll exercise for 20 minutes

Starting the day with a quick 20 minutes of exercise gives you such an endorphin rush, and makes you feel accomplished and ready to tackle anything that comes your way! I always say 20 minutes is all you need – you don’t need to spend hours in the gym flogging your body every day. Exercise should be all about moving your body in ways YOU love, that feel amazing for YOU.

I always make sure to listen to my body and exercise according to my mood and how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling stressed or tired, I’ll do something more grounding and calming like yoga or going for a walk. If I want to sweat it out or have a lot of energy, I’ll opt for weight training or HIIT. I think listening to your body when you exercise is so important – it allows you to love and appreciate your body for what it can do, while also nurturing and looking after it!

I find when I exercise in the morning, I’m much more able to make healthy choices throughout the day. It helps me feel good in my body, and I’m more eager to nourish it with wholefoods which make me feel even more incredible.

This morning routine is the perfect start to my day; I hope it helps set you up to make healthy choices too.

Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, author and founder of JSHealth. Find her on Instagram @jshealth.