Natasha Weber: April monthly horoscope

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares a monthly horoscope for every star sign, for April 2021. What have the stars written for you?

April’s new Moon in your sign marks a turning point in your relationship sector. Whether you’re blissed out in coupledom or happily single, there’s still room for improvement. You’ll achieve greater love heights once you realise that self-love is where it’s at, so stand your ground on a subject that’s close to your heart and act in your own best interests. In doing so, you’ll inspire your partner or potential lovers to do the same. Venus’ clash with powerful Pluto causes friction with a female authority figure. Pressured to back down? Stay your course to win the argument, but then again, the stress may not be worth it and walking away may be the smartest option. By mid-month, Mercury lines your pocket with a wad of well-timed extra cash.

Prepare to hit the reset button, Taurus. On March 20th, the Sun begins a brand-new twelve-month cycle, as your birthday season kicks off with a bang! By mid-month, a planetary bonanza in your sign opens a plethora of fresh opportunities. But the question is, which should you choose? Projects, work and relationships that begin now, stay the course, so be discerning about where you invest your energy. Do your due diligence before committing, and don’t be afraid to pull the plug if something feels off. That said, choose well, and you’ll continue building on solid foundations throughout the year. Venus’ embrace with electric Uranus brings an exciting date for singles and a lovely surprise for couples. Expect the unexpected in the best of ways. And, it wouldn’t hurt to wear your fancy knickers around mid-month, just in case! Thanks to April’s full Moon, Bulls tied up in a legal matter finally come to a resolution by month’s end.

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Twins wrestling with a health complaint arrive at an epiphany as April’s full Moon sheds light on the core issue. Consider discarding what’s not in your best interests for the sake of your wellbeing. Expand your thinking beyond the physical and remember that carrying emotional baggage can also be toxic. Use this advice as a preventative measure even if you’re bursting out of your skin with vitality. This month, Venus sees you relaxing with your sweetheart. Book a massage for two and soak up the simple art of togetherness. Neptune’s clash with feisty Mars causes friction at work when a team leader, coworker or your competition attempts to undermine you. Be careful who you trust with sensitive professional information. A snake in the grass has their eye on your position or may want to steal your intellectual property. Forewarned is forearmed, so you can avoid the worst from happening if you’re savvy. And that you are Gemini!

The big cosmic news for Crabs is that Mars enters your sign on April 23rd for the first time since mid-2019! Every time a planetary cycle repeats, you have an opportunity to grow from its previous lessons. This means you can triumph in April, provided you join the dots between then and now. What was happening for you in mid-2019? Is there something you would do differently if you could travel back in time? While the players may change, each time the same theme is presented, you can learn from past mistakes. When it comes to love, have some fun with your sweetheart. Drowning couples should especially heed this advice because now more than ever, it’s crucial you inject magic back into your relationship. Organise a games night, go to a comedy show, or watch a funny movie because laughter is your best medicine this month. Looking for love? Find it doing something that makes your heart smile.

La Luna brings family together when you reconnect on a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, or milestone celebration. Although intense and a little hectic, the atmosphere will be magical. It’s moments like these that you’re grateful for the people in your life that have your back, no matter what. Tell your loved ones how you feel – and take heaps of photos! That said, your mother, aunt or sister could break the tranquillity by asking you to carry out an unpleasant task. Still, the sooner you get it over with, the better. Do the same when it comes to your health. Address complaints as they arise rather than leaving them to fester. Pluto’s retrograde in your wellbeing sector flushes out minor niggles, so catch them quickly. Put simply, don’t push yourself if you’re not feeling 100% and get on top of potentially nasty colds with rest, excellent nutrition and ample hydration. Do that, and you’ll sail through April with a glow in your cheek and a spring in your step.

April’s new Moon incites an intimate discussion. As you detach from an intense connection, assess the part you play. Be honest with yourself, Virgo, and if you’re confident you’ve done all you can to salvage the relationship, walk away with your head held high. Otherwise, try again, and this time give it everything you’ve got (you know there’s a little more up your sleeve). There are excellent prospects on the career front as Mercury collaborates with the Sun. Look out for promising partnerships that help you rise, and don’t be scared of investing in a business venture that doesn’t offer an instant monetary reward. In time, your efforts will pay off, so for now, focus on building future success. Stay open to innovative ideas that go against the grain – it’s time to stretch your wings and try new things. Health wise, Mars demands that you take some time off to recuperate, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries.

The first half of April places relationships under the microscope. Use this time to address underlying issues that stop your connection from being the best it can be. This goes for partnerships of all types, romantic, business and platonic. Have a challenging conversation, even if it makes you squirm in your seat. By the end of the discussion, you’ll be on the same page, breathing a sigh of relief, which makes it well worth any awkwardness. Once you’re both heading in the same direction, you’ll get to where you need to be so fast that you’ll be unstoppable! Venus’ link to unpredictable Uranus creates a bedroom surprise. Couples try out a wild fetish or adventurous new sexual position while singles hook up with a love interest with a twist. Their unusual background, occupation, or quirky character trait is a huge turn on!

April’s full Moon in your sign marks the annual cosmic event of your year, as La Luna asks you to move through your fear. You know that thing that scares the bejeebers out of you? Do that. It could be speaking up at work, asking that hottie on a date or confronting your partner on a sensitive topic. Remember that it’s scary because it matters to you, so sticking your head in the sand hoping it goes away is doing yourself a disservice. Not to mention, you’ll miss a valuable opportunity to conquer your concern. This month’s astrology empowers you to overcome anything that’s holding you back, and that’s something to embrace rather than shy away from. Venus glows in your relationship zone on April 15th, followed closely by the Sun. This duo makes for a splendid omen, so plan something special with your sweetheart. Single? You’ll connect with a like-minded group that elevates your mood.

New love connections are on the horizon for Archers looking to pair-up. April brims with wonderful opportunities to connect, but why not create your own event if your social calendar is dry? If you’d rather not throw yourself into the spotlight as the host, consider joining a meet-up group with similar interests. The cosmos wants to play Cupid, and all you have to do is put yourself out there. Coupled Archers bliss out on a romantic date. If you’ve been hoping for your partner to pop the question or make a deeper commitment, this month’s new Moon delivers what your heart desires. Your health zone is boosted in the last half of April, thanks to Mercury’s uplifting presence, in addition to Venus and the Sun. Those with a mysterious health concern get some answers, while other Archers explore a wellbeing enhancement. An alternative health professional may recommend a supplement, treatment or dietary change that’s a game-changer.

Prioritise home matters in the first half of the month. In April, you feel settled in your abode, amongst those you love most. April’s new Moon invites you to spend quality time with a cherished family member, which is more of a treat than a chore. Don’t misunderstand; you still reign supreme as the zodiac’s boss babe, but this month, time spent in your sanctuary is what floats your boat. Some Goats even consider working from home permanently. Invitations flood your inbox at the end of the month, including an event not to be missed. A mutual friend introduces you to a highly influential person that captures your attention, and vice versa. Make sure you connect after the party to discuss ways in which you can help each other out. By month’s end, Pluto begins its backwards slide through your sign, marking a brilliant opportunity for self-improvement. But although you have to dig deep, no butterfly ever emerged without first delving into the shadows of its cocoon.

Major projects, business dealings and negotiations blossom when the full Moon blesses your professional sphere on April 27th. Signing off on a lucrative deal could catapult you to the top! Success is a sure thing for professional Aquarians this month, but what if you’re a stay-at-home mum? What then does success mean to you? Think about this carefully because at the heart of the answer lies your peace of mind. Everyone’s idea of success is slightly different, and La Luna reminds you that holding your own measuring stick is the key to personal fulfilment. Don’t allow other people’s perceptions to cloud your confidence, Aquarius. Venus’ link to Uranus delivers a female relative to your doorstep, but her visit comes with an agenda. Listen carefully for hidden clues about what she’s really after. You may not be so keen to give her what she wants but remember that love is at the root of her request.

On April 20th, the Sun activates your communication zone, connecting you with tons of friends, family and peers. Sure, it’s exciting when everyone wants to catch up, but it can also be exhausting, so aim to pace yourself. That said, there’s a fantastic opportunity to reach a wider audience with your work. Make sure you take advantage of social media too. If you’re not au fait with Facebook advertising, consider doing a short online course to boost your knowledge. The financial benefits far outweigh the program’s initial cost, and acquiring knowledge is never a waste of time. Mars heats up your love life whether you’re blissed out in coupledom, struggling in your current relationship or single. Visualise your desires in your mind’s eye, Pisces. It’s incredible what you can attract when you genuinely believe it’s already yours. Venus’ alignment with Pluto warns you to think twice before loaning money to a friend.