Is a ‘jet lag advisor’ the next frontier of wellness travel?

Jet-lag, it’s the worst. Any incredible long haul trip always brings with it the fear of long nights lying awake being unable to sleep, or evenings spent unable to keep your eyes open before all but passing out, face first onto the dinner table.

But, all that could be about to change thanks to a brand new wellness solution to jet lag being trialled by one of the world’s biggest airlines.

Etihad and Panasonic have joined forces to help travellers fight the dreaded jet lag that comes with long haul flights by launching a new app feature which will provide the tools and information needed to combat the effects of flying long distances on sleep patterns and general wellness.

Tailored to each passenger’s circadian rhythms, height, and travel information such as flight times, routes and zones, the new ‘Jet Lag Advisor’ feature on Etihad’s passenger app aims to enhance your travel experience by helping travellers overcome jet lag with AI technology.

Developed in collaboration with Detalytics, a human data analytics platform, the ‘Jet Lag Advisor’ will turn passenger information into personalised jet lag plans, with tailored advice to each individual person to help them reduce jet lag.

The advice given will range from when to sleep, how much to exercise, hydration information and even the type of food you should eat to combat jet lag. The personalised jet lag fighting advice also incorporate a pre-flight, flight and post-flight phased plan with a comprehensive schedule of different recommendations and tips.

So, can an app really help solve our jet lag related woes? Only time – and a trial of the app – will tell.