Instagram’s new update is excellent if you want to curate your ‘follow’ list

Thanks to a recent update, it’s now easier to manage your Following list, and help you say goodbye to accounts that serve no purpose. Here’s how. 

Just this morning, Instagram launched yet another new feature – and no, they’re not bringing back the likes.

The new update allows you to easily see and better manage who you follow on Instagram. According to how often you interact with an accounts posts and stories in the past 90 days, it’ll suggest the “most shown in feed” and “least interacted with” handles to you.

Sounds good right? Now you can finally weed out the ghost accounts or the random guy you added from Tinder but never went on a date with.

You’ll even have quick access to see the accounts you follow which’ll be organised by category, and edit (manage notifications/mute) from there.

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What’s the point of the new Instagram followed feature?

Nobody wants a mess of a feed where you have to sort through photos to get to a post you actually care about.

And you’re most likely not going to have the same interests or relationships than you did, say, a couple years ago.

If you went through a phase of adding every cast of the 2019 Bachelor, but now want more relevant posts from the current contestants of Married at First Sight – this is for you.

The new update will make it so much easier to manage the accounts you follow, so that they’re more in line with your current connections and interests. So by having your ‘following’ list categorised, you can eliminate the accounts that don’t ‘spark joy’ anymore.

Perhaps it’s time we do an unfollow detox, and add more accounts that’ll uplift, instead of bring us down? Because our social media habits have more sway over our mental health than we may think.

So how does the new Instagram follow feature work?

Firstly, it’s a good idea to update your Insta app if you haven’t already.

When your ‘gram is up-to-date, you can access the new update by going into your “Following” list.

From here, you’ll see the tabs for “Most Shown in Feed” and “Least Interacted With”.

You can also sort your following list from earliest to latest followed or vice versa – meaning you can see who you followed first. An iconic moment.

Enjoy your IG spring cleaning!