Instagram’s 5 most popular house plants to give you some major #inspo

You may have noticed Instagram has turned green in recent years. The indoor plant trend has exploded on social media, offering up dreamy urban jungles and inner-city sanctuaries. Here are social media’s most popular plants (and where to get your own).

One of the biggest trends to emerge from the world of interior design in the last few years is house plants.

Living increasingly urban lifestyles and possessing a simultaneous yearning for nature, Millennials have been leading the charge in injecting some greenery into their living spaces and the result is some truly gorgeous inner-city jungles designed to relax your mind and improve your mood (not to mention the air-purifying benefits that come with).

Noticing this trend, homewares website homehow.co.uk looked into data from the past year to find out which were the most popular house plants on Instagram.

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#1 Cacti and succlents – 23,948,259 and 10,393,114 hashtags respectively

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the humble, incredibly low-maintenance cactus (and succulents in general) comes in at number one. They come in such a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours and are virtually impossible to kill even for the inexperienced plant parent. All they’ll need is the occasional water and bright light.

Succulent babies from Plant Society – $7.50 each

#2 Hoya – 2,002,578 hashtags

Just one look at this flower’s curious blooms and you’ll know why these climbers are super popular, so much so that they’re frequently sold out from the online nurseries that stock them. Hoya also prefer to live on the drier side in cooler states, though it is recommended you mist regularly.

Red hoya plant from Rare Plants – $9.95 (in high demand, be wary they might be sold out).

#3 Monstera – 1,653,211 hashtags

Also known as a Swiss Cheese plant, the monstera deliciosa is one plant you’ve probably seen in every piece of #plantspo on social media. Native to tropical climates, it’s super easy to care for and will grow quickly, filling the space it occupies. Keep it in bright, indirect light, water about once a week and mist regularly.

Monstera deliciosa from Bloomspace – $69

#4 Philodendron – 797,169 hashtags

There are lots of different subspecies of Philodendron, but the one you’re probably most familiar with are the ones with beautiful heart-shaped leaves. These lush, vibrant leaves are usually snapped cascading over bookshelves.

They can tolerate almost all light levels and need to be watered 1-2 times a week.

Philodendron Brazil from Plant Society – $50

#5 Ferns – 613,956 hashtags

Ferns come in many different shapes and sizes, but perhaps the most attractive thing about them is that many are pet friendly, so cats or puppers shouldn’t get into trouble if they get curious.

They do particularly well in humid environments like bathrooms and should be kept away from direct sunlight (though each fern species varies so check care advice). Nephrolepis cordifolia Duffii from Plants In A Box – from $49.95

The rest of the top 10 is as follows:

  1. Anthurium – 542,231 hashtags
  2. Pothos – 498,259 hashtags
  3. Peperomia – 400,974 hashtags
  4. Rubber tree – 313, 862 hashtags
  5. Fiddle Leaf Fig – 307,196 hashtags