IKEA launches a Sleep Podcast to get you through daylight savings

There are nights where you can literally fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow, and then there are those horrible restless nights where even the thought of counting sheep can’t lull you to sleep. Seriously, you just can’t win.

But if you find yourself experiencing the latter more often than you should, there might be a solution to solving your woes that doesn’t involve sheep or magnesium. Instead, it involves your favourite budget-friendly furniture shop: IKEA. Lol, say what?

This week, IKEA launched their exclusive Sleep Podcast to help guide us Aussies to a better night’s sleep as daylight savings draws to an end on April 7.

It’s unlike any other ordinary sleep podcast that features a monotone-voiced stranger cueing you to take deep breaths and asking you to let your mind wander into nothingness. available to listen to on their site or Spotify, the podcast is narrated by two Swedish IKEA Australia co-workers, Sara and Kent Ericcson, the podcast starts with an explanation of the etymology of IKEA product names before literally launching into 35 minutes of them listing the names of products.

“Throughout this podcast you’ll hear many names of IKEA furniture as we work through the IKEA catalogue, starting at the bedroom section and ending in the bathroom,” IKEA states in the podcast description.

Sounds super boring/interesting/weird, but tbh, isn’t that kind of the point?

“The IKEA Sleep Podcast is a unique take on creating background white noise and one of many solutions we hope to provide to help the many Australians get a good night’s sleep,” says Mark Mitchinson, Country Sales Manager of IKEA Australia.

“Here at IKEA we understand that sleep is so important in living a better everyday life. As experts in life at home, we want to inspire the many Australians to create the best sleep environment so they can feel refreshed and recharged to get ready for life.”

Look, if listening to IKEA furniture is the answer to all our sleep problems, then we can’t argue. Now, dröm sött (AKA sweet dreams).