Hurrah, your December horoscope is here!

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares your monthly horoscope for every star sign, for December 2020. What have the stars written for you?

Add another string to your bow, Aries. Expanding your skillset makes you more attractive to potential employers and indispensable to your current boss. December’s eclipse brings a course, webinar or study program to your attention. Sign up! Dreaming of an overseas holiday? If you’re given the green light to travel, keep your itinerary flexible because plans are likely to change at the last minute. By mid-month, Saturn introduces you to a social set with substance. You’re tired of frivolous friends and are craving deeper connections. No matter what your age, December sees you dipping your toes into more mature waters. Embrace this grown-up version of yourself. Lonely Rams crush on someone seemingly unattainable. They’re not out of reach, but there may be an age gap to consider. By month’s end, the Sun lights up a renewed sense of direction and purpose.

Some Bulls hear news of an inheritance, investment or shared asset. Mercury suggests you look at legal documents through shrewd eyes. And, read the fine print – you don’t want to miss an important detail. Other Bulls pay off a debt. If applying for a bank loan, ask plenty of questions, even if they sound a bit silly. Jupiter brings a stroke of luck to your career zone on December 20th, making it a great time to ask for a promotion. Trust that whatever falls away, isn’t meant for you and that a bigger and better option is around the corner. You may be thrown into a position where you’re expected to do more than you feel you’re capable of. That said, fake it until you make it, is December’s motto. At the end of the month, the full Moon reconnects you with a loved one. Separated siblings let bygones be bygones. Put disagreements in the past, and set your sights on a more harmonious future, minus the drama.

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Hold onto your hats; December’s eclipse shakes up your relationship zone! Liaisons that aren’t up to scratch get tossed in the dumpster. Both romantic partnerships and business connections are up for review, and those that haven’t made the grade are out. Friends may think you’ve gone completely nuts, but resentment’s been building for frustrated twins. By contrast, blissed-out couples strengthen their bond, doing something wild and crazy together. Twins cross paths with an aspirational female. Watch her closely. What admirable qualities does she possess? Model yourself on this gorgeous woman, not because you’re not already amazing, but because improvement is born from inspiration. By month’s end, Neptune’s wink to Venus grants you boss babe status – you’ll rock entrepreneurial goals, so shoot for the stars.

December’s full Moon nurtures your body, mind and soul. Do what makes you feel good in the long term. Forget quick fixes and short-lived satisfaction. This is about parenting yourself and making decisions that are in your best interests. Spread the self-love. You’ll be more intuitive this month, so follow your gut feels. If junk food makes you sluggish, avoid it. And, if you know you’ll regret that extra vino, say ‘no’. Mid-month, the Sun illuminates your relationship zone. Yet it may be something about your ex that comes to light. You’ll see them as they truly are, warts and all. Past manipulations become glaring obvious too. No exes to whinge about? Single and fancy-free? Not for long. You’re likely to meet a mate that elevates your vibe, making you feel like you can take on the world. Be selective about who you share your bliss with. Otherwise, the green-eyed monster comes out to play.

Avoid making major decisions that concern children. December’s eclipse messes with your plans, so you’re better off delaying big transitions. Assess all your options, but when it comes to taking action, hold back. Parents are encouraged to get creative with their little darlings. Draw, sing or get messy in the kitchen making playdoh. Once the eclipse fog clears, your partner wants your undivided attention, leaving you stretched thin. But by December 21st, the Sun thaws out your health zone, and then, it’s time to focus on yourself. What’s your favourite past time? Indulge in that. Duck out to a cafe with a bestie, hit the shops or simply curl up with a great read. Exercising self-love is the first step in being a good mother, partner and friend, so ditch the guilt. Work prospects look good in December, particularly in the last half of the month. A male college or team leader offers helps you out of a bind. Luckily, you’re in the right place at the right time.

It sounds weird, but the more elusive you seem, the more attractive you’ll be. This isn’t about playing games, but it is about prioritising yourself. Relationships mirror your self-love or lack of it. So, when you’re crushing on yourself, you inspire others to do the same. And more importantly, when you demand respect, you attract that too. Put simply, if you want to feel the love, it has to stem from the core of your being. Venus’ nod to Neptune puts this theory to the test by December 30th, so you have the entire month to practise putting yourself first. The eclipse encourages you to make your house a home. Fixing broken bits and pieces isn’t the most exciting job, but you’ll feel a fantastic sense of satisfaction once you’ve ticked off these tasks. When it comes to a family falling out, try to bury the hatchet. Regret can be a heavier burden than resentment.

Looking for a professional sea change? You’ll need to bite hook-line-and-sinker if you want the job—no little nibbles to hedge your bets. Nothing short of a leap of faith is required. If it’s the right move, you’ll feel it in your gut, so trust your intuition. Students could switch subjects. What once seemed like the perfect career path, is no longer the case, and that’s okay! In fact, if anything feels off, change course now, before you get too far down the track. The Sun’s link to Mercury on December 20th brings a piece of valuable information to light. Use what you learn to your advantage. If others can’t handle the truth, that’s their problem, not yours. Remember, knowledge is power. Buying or selling property is on the agenda, particularly for newlyweds or first home buyers. Mercury gives you a shove in the right direction, but wait until next month to sign on the dotted line.

Midmonth, the eclipse reveals what to hold onto, and what you can walk away from. You’re at a crossroads, deciding which path to take. Confused? Both have pros and cons, but the option that offers security is your best bet. The time to step out of your comfort zone will come, but for now, stick to what’s familiar. That goes for finances too. Risky investments wave goodbye to your hard-earned cash, so don’t part with what you can’t afford to lose. December’s full Moon grants aspiring authors a publishing deal. While Scorpios that are writing a book make serious headway. Singles give their heart to a lover from a different cultural background. At first glance, there’s a stark contrast between you both, but on closer inspection, your moral code matches. Sparks fly by Xmas when a family member goes to war. Although you’re not directly involved, you’re at risk of being dragged into the fray.

December’s a surprise, thanks to an epic eclipse in your sign. But the thing about surprises is that you don’t see them coming. You can, however, ready yourself to expect the unexpected. You know how children live in the moment, and see life through an innocent, wide-eyed sense of wonderment? Do that too. Once you hit adulthood, you accumulate emotional baggage. Yet, if you detach from past resentments, you’ll breeze through this eclipse. How something ought to be, or how someone should behave (including yourself) may look different this month. And, that’s okay. Venus boosts your social life as invitations flood your inbox, and there’s one gathering you really don’t want to miss. Romantic sparks fly for singles, while other Saggies meet a platonic soul mate. It feels like a meeting of minds, which is the best type of connection. Finances get a glow up, thanks to the Sun’s presence in your money zone.

Happy birthday Capricorn! The Sun enters your sign on December 21st, putting a little spring in your step and a glow in your cheeks. The last half of the month promises a lighter vibe, as you step into the limelight. You’re reluctant to sing your own praises, but in the end, you’ll show everyone what you’re made of. Don’t be shy! You possess an air of authority, so use your influence to make a difference. Find a unique way of speaking out on a topic that moves you. You don’t have to be loud to be heard, and what you have to say is super important. Mercury brings you to a fork in the road. Use your smarts, you’ll know exactly which direction to take. This time, choose your head over your heart. Venus explores a spiritual pursuit, religion or philosophical idea. Be on the lookout for a life-changing book on a new age subject.

Is December the gateway to the Age of Aquarius? Some astrologers believe so. Still, true or not, all cosmic eyes are on you, when Jupiter and Saturn make their grand entry into your sign. Whether you’re flung into the spotlight or achieve a huge milestone, the focus isn’t on completing a cycle. Instead, it’s about beginning a new one. But before starting afresh, you need closure. Take one last look at what you’re done with, archive it, and step over the threshold. Onwards and upwards! Having Jupiter on side brings a stroke of luck, so grab an opportunity that pops up out of the blue. This is not the month to procrastinate. Healthwise, it’s a mixed bag. On the one hand, Saturn wraps you over the knuckle if you’ve stretched yourself too thin. While Jupiter rewards those that have been nurturing themselves with extra sparkle. Question a friend’s motives – it’s not all in your head.

As the 12th sign of the zodiac, you’re said to possess the oldest soul with many lives and lessons under your karmic belt. This month, Jupiter opens you even further to your spiritual potential. Pay attention to symbols that randomly appear, as they have special meaning. For some, it’s reassurance that you’re on the right path. For others, the messages offer direction. If you’ve been looking for an answer, expect it to pop up during prayer or meditation. For parents, December’s Full Moon pushes you into a corner. You have a choice to make, but you may not like either of your options. A third possibility is available to you if you think outside the box. Romance is high on your agenda, as singles lap up the attention of a hottie they’ve been crushing on all year. Loved-up couples celebrate a special milestone in epic style.

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