How to manifest a better 2020

New year, new you.

As people feel bogged down by the massive “To-Do” list in the lead-up to Christmas (at a time we should be winding down!) we tend to rush our New Year’s Resolutions.

We usually repeat the promises of the last year or don’t do them at all! This year, I challenge you to do something not only more powerful, but life-changing. I say ditch the resolutions and choose manifestations instead.

Manifesting your desires at the start of a New Year is not only a more positive practice, it is less work and much more enjoyable. Focusing on your desires puts you in a positive headspace and this can spur people into real and positive action. After all, who doesn’t want to follow their dreams?

By following the five steps below – along with a good dose of faith and a strong desire to make some positive changes – you can bathe in the excitement and positivity of knowing exactly what you want, watching them come into existence.

#1. Be Grateful

Each morning, consider what you are grateful for. Gratitude puts you in a positive state of mind and kicks off the day with the right kind of energy to manifest your desires.

#2. Visualise your goals

Write down, verbalise and visualise your desires. I do all three, which is three times more powerful! As you do this, FEEL the emotion associated with having what you want. Basking in the good feeling is what sets the Universal wheels in motion!

#3. Have a little faith

Have complete and utter faith that the Universe will bring your desires to you. Everything is made up of energy and a thought is no different. Like attracts like, so a good thought attracts it back to you. If you think “Nah, this won’t work”, stop that negative thought process and ask the Universe to send you proof that it works. Watch, and wait.

#4. Visualise, visualise, visualise

Imagine a pathway or tunnel of energy projecting from your body out into the Universe and see your desires travelling toward you. This exercise in visualisation is very powerful. Ask any pro athlete what they do before a big sporting event and visualisation is part of their process because it works.

#5. Fake it

“Fake it ‘til you make it!” Act as if you are already living the life you want. If you want increased work opportunities then go to networking events; if you want a bigger home, go to “open for inspections” and imagine yourself living there; if you want a new relationship, love yourself with everything you have, and watch love come back to you!

#6. Be consistent

Repeat steps one to five DAILY. I do mine at least twice a day.

An additional tip is to create a photo folder in your phone. I have done this and called it my VISION FOLDER. In it are photos of all my desires. I look at them every morning and every night before bed. I have done this for years and it works every time.

You’ll not only believe in the magic of the Universe and the potency of positive thinking (something that is uncommon to those who have never manifested) but you’ll feel like a different person, entering the New Year like never before.

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Anna Abignano is a life and business marketing coach.