how to discover your true self higher purpose and innate personality traits

This ancient divination practice can help you connect with your true self and find a sense of purpose in these trying times.

The year 2020 is off to a chaotic start. First there was the national bushfire crisis, and now we’re faced with the ongoing – and often confusing – COVID-19 pandemic. One minute we’re told we can’t get our hair cut anymore, then it’s totally safe, then we’re having to learn the difference between social distancing and physically distancing.

If all the uncertainty has got your head spinning, you’re not alone. The constant state of upheaval we’re in can be a major strain on your mental health, which means allowing yourself time to indulge in things that relax you – like comfort baking, watching Netflix or upping your self-care routine – is more important than ever.

If you’re still feeling a little lost, you can also turn to astro-palmistry for help.

Just like face-mapping, using crystals to boost your mood and tapping into your astrologically ideal self-care routine, astro-palmistry helps you better understand who you are and provides you with the tools to live your life in a way that best suits your innate traits.

What is astro-palmistry?

According to Jordane Maree, spiritual writer and founder of Girl and Her Moon, astro-palmistry is one of the oldest known forms of divination in the world.

“It’s based on the perspective that we are deeply connected and intertwined with the cosmos and universe around us, to the point where our bodies (in this case, our palms) are marked with that connection. Essentially, our palms hold the wisdom and energy of the entire universe,” she explains.

Instead of using your palms to work out when you’re going to meet the love of your life (but hey, anything’s possible), Maree adds that astro-palmistry is a tool to help you better understand your inner make-up.

“It’s a way to understands your gifts and your path for this lifetime,” she says. “With a deeper understanding of ourselves and our energy comes a greater ability to flow with our path.

“For example, if you have a Water hand and you have been taught you were ‘too sensitive’ throughout your life, understanding astro-palmistry and your primary energies will allow you to take back your power of deep emotion and put your gifts towards deepening your intuition and healing yourself and others.”

Now, even if you’re well-versed in your star sign – aka your sun sign – (and have nailed your morning routine to a tee because of it), there’s something you should know.

“Surprisingly, your hand sign doesn’t always represent your sun sign, it can run much deeper than that and be incredibly eye opening if you only know your sun sign,” explains Maree.

“For instance, you could be a watery Cancer, yet your palm shows the energy of air. This could relate to your moon sign [calculated by the date, time and location of your birth], your rising sign [how others perceive you] or even to the primary or most common element in your astrological chart. If your palm shows a different element to your sun sign, it may be time to start digging!”

Don’t think you’re qualified to be reading anyone’s palms, let alone your own? Don’t overthink it.

“You just need to put in some time and effort to learn about the different lines, patterns and shapes,” notes Maree.

Read on for how to do exactly that.

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What are the main hand types?

A quick way to determine your most dominant energy is to measure your middle finger in comparison to your palm.

“If you finger is smaller, you’re likely a Fire or Earth, but if it’s longer, it could suggest Air, and if it’s the same, it might point towards Water,” Maree adds.

Fire hands

“You can spot a fire hand by their shorter fingers in comparison to their long palm. Often fire hands also have deep lines running throughout them.”

Water hands

“Water hands are quite graceful looking. They have long palms with long and slender fingers. Water hands generally have very soft and flowy lines.”

Air hands

“Air hands can be identified by their long fingers with a square palm. Lines are often faint and soft.”

Earth hands

“Earth hands are usually the easiest to spot out. They have square palms and short fingers. Like Fire, Earth hands generally have deeper looking lines.”

What do the hand types mean?

Fire hands

Similar to fire itself, people with fire energy are experts at capturing your attention. They’re passionate and powerful, bold and expressive, independent and highly ambitious.

“They are the type that can make things happen! You can feel the passion and enthusiasm when you’re around these creative individuals and you will be amazed at their constant stream of new ideas,” explains Maree.

Water hands

“Whenever we look at the energy of water, we see a lot of depth, vulnerability, sensitivity, and intuition,” says Maree. People with Water hands are usually quite sensitive and empathetic, Maree adds, and they often have a deep connection with the universe.

“When you think about the moon’s connection with our oceans, you can understand the deep connection those primarily with water energy have with the cosmos.”

Air hands

If you’re an Air hand, you’re usually observant and intelligent. “You’re also curious and often talkative,” Maree says.

“There’s a general consensus that those of us operating primarily from the energy of air are the intellectuals amongst us. Just like air, you need to be free to circle the universe. You’re free-spirited, striving to live life on your own, quite often changing, terms.”

Earth hands

“The Earth energy represents our physical necessities of life. Those with Earth hands are often very grounded, secure, hard-working, and dedicated,” says Maree.

“They are the practical ones among us, thriving within organisation and routine, and the reliable friend that you can call at any hour of the night!”

A note on palm lines

As Maree notes, you could go on forever inspecting the many shapes, lines and patterns of your hands. To get started, though, take a look at the overall shape, colour and texture of your hands and look out for these lines:

Life line

Beginning between the index finger and your thumb, this line continues down towards the base of your thumb and shows what will show up in your life. If you have two, you’ll have a lot of luck.

Head line

This line sits just above the life line between your thumb and index finger but runs horizontally.

“It shows your psychological makeup and if your head line begins directly off your life line, this shows a very intuitive way of living and acting, and a strong will,” says Maree.

Heart line

Sitting above both the head and life line, the heart lines begins under your index or middle finger and moves towards your pinky. It gives an indication of how you deal with love – the stronger and deeper the line, the stronger your devotion.

Look out for

Breaks: “These showtimes in your life that you were sidetracked or off course.”

Islands: If there are little circles on your lines, this shows stress. E.g. an island on your heart line may show a desire not met.”

Chains: Chains along the lines show continuous stress in that area. E.g. chains along the head line may show someone that primarily lives in their mind and deals with a lot of ‘inner noise’.”