Hooray! Your January horoscope for 2020 is here

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares your monthly horoscope for every star sign, for January 2020. 

A light bulb moment over a family matter could create friction with your spouse, sibling, or a housemate. However, all the facts and information will be at your disposal, helping you to make a long overdue decision. Saturn’s dance with Pluto creates a significant shift in your professional sphere. Enough is enough! No more feeling undervalued and unappreciated. Act by either moving on or giving it a final go with all you have. Triumph is likely but remember it won’t happen overnight. You have a long road ahead of you, but even the longest journey starts with a single step.

Start the new year by making self-care a high priority. Built-up stress can throw your hormonal balance out of whack, so take time out to unwind. A weekend away in a beachside shack or a girls day trip to a spa is the perfect remedy to relieve pent up tension.

Mars’ clash with Uranus creates a financial roadblock. Rather than powering through the problem, think outside the box instead. Tackle the issue from a completely different angle. Perhaps an interest, craft or hobby that you already love can provide some extra cash? Or, consider freelancing in your current field of expertise.

Friendships are one of the most valuable gifts of life, but it can be easy to lose touch as family, work, and other commitments take over. Plan something special with your bestie. A girl’s trip away is just the thing to recharge your batteries and build lasting bonds. Remember that an equal balance of give and take is required to keep any relationship healthy.

You have been frustrated trying to discover your dreams, but the penny has finally dropped, and you realise what you truly yearn for. Whether it’s travel, adventure, or art, the seeds should be sowed now so you can reap the rewards later.

Mars’s influence ignites sizzling chemistry and fiery interactions with your lover. Discuss intimate topics openly, without judgment. Your partner may be feeling nervous about an aspect of their bedroom performance. Be their guide and show them what you like sexually. Work through things together, and sparks will fly. A conversation with a foreigner proves to be an eye-opener, sparking your interest in travel or overseas investment.

Expand your mind and skill set by attending a conference or course relevant to your career. The knowledge you acquire will be well worth the effort and expense. Take your financial health up a notch. Consider starting your own small business. Do your research and think carefully about your demographic. But avoid multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes. Working from home or aligning with a savvy business partner saves you big bucks. Sharing expenses is a shrewd move on your part, allowing you to put more back into your business.

Mars’ move into your wellness zone is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’ll have heaps of vitality to tackle a crucial task. On the other hand, you run the risk of overdoing it and burning out. Use the extra energy wisely, and you’ll be able to move mountains. January’s full Moon eclipse in your personal zone grants the achievement of an ambitious goal. Although this has been on the back burner, everything you need is now at your disposal.

Research your plans carefully. Make sure to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Go ahead and take the risky plunge but prepare for a safe landing. A power play tests your resilience and patience this month when differing ideas and expectations clash. Ignore the external pressure of other’s opinions. Examine a partnership. Is it really working out for you? Trust that in your heart that you know the truth.

This month’s full Moon eclipse reintroduces someone from your past where things did not end well. An ex or former friend may turn up out of the blue. You don’t owe them an explanation but finding closure could bring you both peace. Being the bigger person releases a burden that you never even knew you were carrying. Above all, remember to be kind.

The Sun welcomes a new chapter in your relationship. Take the first step together, determined to grow and evolve as a team. Single? You’ll either meet a fabulous fellow fire-sign or decide that flying solo is a more attractive option for now. That is, until you find an outstanding copilot. As the clouds begin to fade, you realise that a temporary setback has worked in your favour. Sometimes being forced to stop in your tracks is in your best interests, as it allows you time to think. Soon, you’ll return to the task with new determination and strategy.

Venus lights up a romance in January. The love planet concocts a lovely date night in or a sparkling night out on the town, sweetening your connection. Singles that have had their eye on someone for ages but haven’t had the guts to make a move, get a push in the right direction. Once you’ve bitten the bullet, don’t hold back. Let your true feelings be known. A small adjustment opens an influential door at work. Don’t allow pride to hold you back from achieving a professional goal. If you feel compelled to stick your neck out for a colleague, remember that one hand washes the other and your loyalty won’t be forgotten.

You may be more accident-prone than usual, so give risky activities a miss. The Sun motivates you to amp up on your fitness routine. Time to get your sweat on! Just choose safer activities such as spin class over rock-climbing.

Libra (23 September – 22 October)

An argument with a family member could quickly escalate into a misunderstanding, thanks to chaotic Mars’ influence. Remain cool, calm, and collected. No matter what’s been said, once the dust has settled, you will have the opportunity to explain and clear the slate. You have been through so much together, don’t let one lousy argument tear you apart.

Venus makes a splash in your wellness hub this month. Use your sparkle to impress a VIP at work or to broaden your social circle. Those suffering from an allergy find relief in consuming foods such as citrus, broccoli, and red peppers, which are high in vitamin C, a natural antihistamine. January’s new Moon brings a milestone where children are concerned. It may seem like a miracle, but a child that’s been struggling has a breakthrough this month. No matter how small, celebrate their achievement. Let them know that you are super proud of their efforts.

An awkward moment follows after saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Nevertheless, your foot in the mouth episode is forgiven, thanks to Mercury’s kiss with Jupiter. Once you explain yourself, there will be no need to apologise. In fact, you will put it behind you and have a good laugh.

This month, you are destined to make a vital impression on a niece, young sister or your daughter. Realise the huge difference you can make in this child’s life, and let it motivate you to be the best role model possible. Spending quality time with children helps keep you grounded and sane. It’s also lovely to see the world and all its wonders through a child’s eyes.

A delayed household project can now be undertaken with confidence. A do-it-yourself person? Prepare properly and make sure you have the right materials. If hiring tradesmen, make sure to communicate clearly to avoid a redo.

Feeling lacklustre and run down after the demands of 2019? Active Mars lifts you up to speed. Rediscover your motivation to kick ass in 2020! Write down your goals and resolutions to keep your eye on the prize. You are accountable only to yourself, and that should be more than enough. The full Moon eclipse offers improvements to your financial landscape. Pay particular attention to loans, taxes, or investments. Speed bumps are inevitable, so equip yourself with some savvy advice from the best in the biz.

Saturn and Pluto demand that you consider what’s truly important. Is it professional achievement, a loving relationship, or popularity? In January, the cosmos suggests that you focus on sound health and enjoying the precious little things. You needn’t struggle to choose one over the other. The trick is in striking the right balance. Let go of anything that fails to make your heart sing. And make room for things that celebrate your self-worth.

January is a great time to start implementing a new and improved money strategy. Aim to pay off extra debt in January and be super sensible with your purchases. Goats love their fashion but does your wardrobe really need another designer staple piece, pair of skinny jeans or LBD? A like-minded friend comes to the rescue, offering a helping hand. Accept their assistance, even if you feel a little embarrassed. The time will come when they need a shoulder to cry on.

Astrologers worldwide are buzzing over Saturn’s alignment with Pluto in 2020, which happens to be your sign, Capricorn! Mid-January hosts the first meeting of these planetary heavyweights, which means that anything is possible and available to you, provided you work your butt off for it. Prepare yourself; if anyone is going to turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse, it’s you!

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

Prioritise your wellbeing, especially your gut health by cutting down on sugary food and drinks (yep that includes alcohol). A healthy gut microbiome is essential for nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. Holiday expenditures may be causing regret. Still, all is not lost when Venus blesses you with a cash boost in the form of a bonus, extra hours, or a side hustle. Use the surplus to pay off any due bills. Soon, you will exceed your financial expectations and be in a better position to smash your debts.

Towards month’s end, the new Moon in your sign invites a second chance. Take another look at a relationship stressor. If you regret past behaviour, aim to right a wrong. If you were the one wronged, try to forgive and forget. If a sweetheart or an ex isn’t willing to work towards reconciliation, put the issue to bed and simply walk away. You deserve a hell of a lot better.

Venus drifts into your sign, oozing serious love vibes. Single Fish attract a softly spoken hottie. Don’t underestimate this catch. Remember that still waters can run deep. Couples unite over a family or legal matter, bringing you closer together. You’ll feel loads more respect and appreciation for your partner when you work together as a team. If your boss is giving you grief, think twice before throwing down the gauntlet. Silence is golden, and you’ll have your chance to speak up and state your case later.

Meanwhile, fly under the radar. Spend some time alone this month. Even stepping outside for a few big sips of fresh air can help collect scattered thoughts. A positive mantra will keep you calm and focused even when the kids are screaming, you are stuck in traffic, or when life just becomes too overwhelming.

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