Hooray! Your April horoscope for 2020 is here

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares your monthly horoscope for every star sign, for April 2020. 

The full Moon on April 8 highlights diversity in your partnerships. Romantic connections, business partnerships, friendships, and family. Consider how these relationships have shaped and influenced your life. What lessons have they taught you? If you’re self-isolating due to the coronavirus outbreak, stay in touch via social media. You’ll be forgiven if your screen time gets a bit out of hand. Mercury steps into your sign on April 11, bringing feelings of uncertainty. You’re more concerned and worried than your usual fiery self. Remember that while you can’t control everything happening around you, you can decide how to respond. Stay calm and carry on. You still have the power, Aries. Adjust your budget to better suit you and your family’s needs. Explore unconventional ways to make some extra income, such as freelancing or selling unwanted items.

Happy birthday Taurus! The Sun sails into your sign on April 20, granting comfort during a concerning situation. You’ve been worried, and the problem remains, but new insight offers support. You’re tougher than you think. Don’t allow your newly found peace of mind to be shaken. The world around you may appear to be crumbling but stay focused. Concentrate on your own affairs and take things one day at a time. Use your extra time to explore a new hobby or passion. By month’s end, the full Moon floods into your sign. Concerned about your wellbeing? Relaxation is vital to fortify your immune system. Practice stress management and avoid overthinking. First and foremost, take care of the basics; get plenty of fresh air, meet your nutritional needs and move your body. But try not to push yourself too hard this month.

Venus sweetens your sign early in the month, encouraging you to be more accepting. Swallow your pride and make amends with someone that needs forgiveness. Right wrongs wherever possible. Open your heart and let love flow. Now is not the time to ration kindness. April’s new Moon brings a fresh perspective on how to grow your money tree. Consider new and improved ways to structure your financial landscape. You may need to go about your daily spending a little differently, as you adopt a conservative approach. Think outside the box. Perhaps you can turn a hobby into profit. If possible, set aside some cold hard cash, for a rainy day. Since Mercury ended its retrograde last month, a shadow has lifted. Whatever was on hold or delayed could usually be pursued and conquered. Yet this time, there’s a spanner in the works. Still, you can plan for when things return to normal (and they will). Research how to turn your dream project into reality.

Two mega planets, Jupiter and Pluto, are battling in your relationship zone. And the prize is power. Count on the winner being the one with the smartest strategy, so make sure that’s you! You may have to reveal your tough side, and that’s okay. April’s full Moon lights up your family zone. If you’re self-isolating, focus your attention on home and loved ones. Alleviate boredom by immersing yourself in baking, decorating and renovating, which are all calming tasks for Crabs. Being confined to the four walls of your home may be less of a challenge for a Crab. Still, even a homebody like you can go a little stir crazy if you don’t keep yourself busy. By mid-April, Le Solei shines in your friendship zone, making social distancing a colossal challenge. Discover new ways to stay connected with your besties. Why not create a support group on social media to spread love, support, and positive vibes?

Lions with an elderly relative in a nursing home or palliative care will be looking for unique means of contact. Consider lending or giving away a smartphone or tablet. And don’t forget to set up the device! Download apps like FaceTime to help a loved one stay in touch. A lovely social engagement that you’ve been looking forward to gets cancelled or postponed, causing disappointment. Parents may be forced to make alternative child care arrangements. Try not to worry too much about the school socialisation they’ll inevitably miss out on. Instead, keep kids entertained at home with fun educational activities like gardening, creative crafts and Lego. Jupiter’s clash with Pluto urges you to boost your immune system to deter sinister bugs or viruses. Nourish your body with plenty of whole grains, and veggies in a rainbow of colours. A strong physical, mental, and emotional state is your best defence against infection. Keep your spirits high, and physical fortitude will follow.

Amid the global pandemic, your natural tendency to worry shifts into overdrive. Calmly follow sensible recommendations rather than panic. Yours is the sign that rules health, so focus on how you can sustain your wellbeing instead. Early nights, a positive outlook, and healthy relationships are where you should be directing your attention.

The full Moon illuminates your cash zone in early April. A new piece of information concerning your finances comes to light, prompting you to make a few tweaks here and there. Fall back on what you know is certain. Think long term investment rather than short term gain. Reflection allows you to understand why something happened the way it did. Understanding the motivation behind someone’s actions is the first step in being able to come to terms with their behaviour. Either accept it or let go and move on.

The full Moon lights up your sign like a firecracker! Making relationships your #1 priority throughout April. Mothers and their children bond more closely now than ever before. And as the month rolls on, it becomes crystal clear who matters most. There’s no shame in acting on what your heart is screaming out to you. Comb through your financial setup. Where can you expand and where do you need to constrict? Structure your daily budget for weekly reviews, and if required, think outside the box to uncover a workable solution. Air professional grievances with sensitivity but do speak up for yourself too. Understand that you may need some time to adjust to potential new realities. Focus your attention on what you can control. Make any arrangements or adjustments in your workplace, even if it means setting up a home office.

On April 20, Le Solei activates your relationship zone. Physical get-togethers may not be possible at the moment, but you can keep connected. Set up a group chat with friends and family and touch base with them regularly over Skype or WhatsApp. Venus encourages you to work on improving yourself in some way. Perhaps it’s intellectual empowerment you desire; many pearls of wisdom can be found in books. Or, you may be seeking to unleash your creative side, so pick up that paintbrush, microphone or pen. Allow your head and heart to express your inner artist. Throughout April, practice some much-needed self-care. Immerse yourself in a warm bath and play soothing tunes while doing absolutely nothing. Reclaim your sanity through meditation; the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety. Set up a beautiful sanctuary inside your home for quiet contemplation and reflection.

On April 23, the new Moon recharges your health zone. Make a drastic change in how you approach fitness. Maybe a daily beachside power walk is a better option than that rarely used gym membership? Use a Fitbit to keep track of your steps at home. Regardless of how you do it, make it work for you. Be honest with what you can commit to, and you’ll slay your goals. Ditch a frenemy that has been all take and no give. Time to get ruthless, Saggie! Adopt a take-no-prisoners attitude but deliver it with honey. You don’t need to stir up trouble, just eliminate the deadwood without too much fuss.

Venus sweetens your relationship zone early in the month. During testing times, we get to know who is genuinely there for us and who has fled the building with Elvis. If someone close stands by you and proves their worth, take notice.

On April 5, Jupiter and Pluto make their historical alignment in your sign, Capricorn. Although you’re dished a crucial test, you’re up to it. Use what you learn to elevate others in need of inspiration and positive vibes. Investigate diverse career opportunities by furthering your studies. Sign up for an online course or class to challenge and improve yourself. Think about what skill set you can build on that would be attractive to employers. Even if it is not directly related to your job, if it interests you, do it anyway.

Many parents find themselves at home with children as schools across the globe shut down. Trust that it will take some time to get used to a new kind of normal. Encourage your child to stick to a regular study routine but don’t stress too much about keeping up with schoolwork. Instead, concentrate on helping your child feel safe, loved, and inspired. Tell stories, go for walks, and play board games to break the monotony.

Something you’ve hoped would come to fruition actually comes to a grinding halt. Hold back on investing in a celebration that may not get off the ground. Prepare your option B, which won’t be as disappointing as you fear. In fact, changed plans may go surprisingly well and turn out to be a fabulous success, even if it’s not how you originally intended. On April 4, love planet Venus kicks up her heels in your relationship zone. The very next day, committed Saturn joins the party. Blissed out de facto couples have marriage on their mind. While others decide to move in together or at least start a trial run. The cosmos is behind you all the way. You may have to reset your expectations when it comes to a family matter as your best intentions come across as intrusive. If that’s the case, reassess your boundaries and say no when you need to.

Put downtime to good use by exploring a latent talent or untapped gift. Paint, write, draw, or make music. Do whatever rocks your world and gets your creative juices flowing. If it’s good for the soul, it’s good for your overall wellbeing too. April’s full Moon appears in your money sector. Work on developing financial security. Investigate different investments and bank account options. If you can afford it, a consultation with a professional adviser is your best bet. Otherwise, download a financial app that helps you keep track of your budget. Quality time with family is what April is all about, thanks to loving Venus. Use each opportunity to deepen ties and relationships that matter. Capture special moments with a camera. Celebrate a special milestone with your lover at home. Light the candles, cuddle up together and Netflix and chill.

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