First Mercury Retrograde of 2020 is here, here’s how to deal

If your life has been a little bit chaotic recently, you can blame it on astrology.

We’ve officially entered the first Mercury retrograde of the year on February 16 and have until March 10 when Mercury begins to move forward again.

Mercury is responsible for communication, technology and travel, so when it enters retrograde, we expect delays like spontaneous schedule changes, mental confusion, missed appointments, misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

During 2020, Mercury will enter retrograde three times:

  • February 17 (Pisces) – March 10 (Aquarius)
  • June 18 (Cancer) – July 12 (Leo)
  • October 14 (Libra) – November 3 (Scorpio)

How to survive 2020’s first Mercury retrograde

A central theme of this year’s first retrograde is ‘getting lost’ as directions become a little more difficult to follow. Signs of hidden agendas, illusions and the imagination will occur, and it’ll become harder to pinpoint what’s true and real.

While things will feel more confusing and emotions will easily heighten, don’t let this fear guide your actions over the next few weeks. According to astrologer Natasha Weber, surviving this year’s first retrograde is easily done.

“The trick to surviving Mercury’s retrograde is to engage in any activity that begins with ‘re’ – redo, rework, reorganise, reconsider or review,’ Weber tells body+soul.

“As Mercury appears to reverse through the heavens, going back over things and giving them an extra tweak or a second look, flows with the retrograde energy rather than against it. This time, Mercury’s reversing through sensitive Pisces, so shelved creative projects can now be dusted off and revived.”

This concept also spans into your sleep, whereby Weber suggests “paying close attention to symbolic messages coming through your dreams.”

She also warns you to be mindful of purchases, agreements and all things tech-related.

“Of course, due to Mercury’s link with all things technical, travel and mechanical, the usual tips still apply – backup your phone, computer and iPad. Delay purchasing new appliances or devices, book travel after the retrograde dust has settled, and if possible hold off on signing major contracts or legal agreements until after March 10th.”