Feng Shui bedroom rules for a better sleep

It’s safe to say that 2020 has put us all through the wringer. So if you’re feeling flat, lacking energy or sleeping terribly, it might be worth switching your furniture around.

Yep, you read the right – instead of investing in another weighted blanket, it might be time to try some Feng Shui.

“Feng Shui is an ancient art and science to assess and diagnose the energy map of an environment,” explains Lizette Akouri, accredited Feng Shui master. “The energy map is necessary to see where the favourable and unfavourable areas are in a property. Favourable can be enhanced or corrected if unfavourable.”

Akouri explains that there are actually two types of Feng Shui knowledge out there. “There is Modern Age Feng Shui which is a very simplistic method and there is Traditional Feng Shui.” Akouri practices the latter.

“Traditional Feng Shui uses influences from nature, external features as well as formulas derived from the positions of the Planets and from the eight directions of the compass. It is a bit complicated and one cannot learn it from a book,” she says.

So why do you want your energies to be balanced? “Unfavourable energies can create arguments, marital problems, back-stabbing issues or even fighting between members of the family. Others can create health issues and set-backs in terms of either health and wealth,” Akouri says.

How do you balance the Feng Shui in your bedroom?

“First of all, one needs to ensure that the bed has a good solid bedhead and this is against a solid wall. The bedhead acts as a good support for a good night sleep,” explains Akouri. “If you sleep well your body can be able to re-generate and you will be less prone to illnesses. Apart from giving support, bed heads can protect you from EMF wiring that may be between the walls as well.”

She goes on to say that the bed should never be under a window as there could be “energy coming in through the cracks.”

Her next tip? Configure the furniture so that one isn’t sleeping with one’s feet towards any doors or on the same wall as the door. “There should not be anything pointy towards one’s body as well.”

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It’s best to also avoid mirrors. “Mirrors are usually not used as it makes the room too ‘Yang’, which in Feng Shui terms means too active so one cannot sleep peacefully. Bedrooms should be more ‘Yin’ meaning serene, peaceful and quiet.”

“Any type of furniture is okay as long as it’s not too pointy or has sharp corners pointing towards the bed,” explains Akouri, adding “Clear the clutter as this can overwhelm you.”

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