February horoscope for 2020 is here

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares your monthly horoscope for every star sign, for February 2020. 

You could be feeling victimised by the unkind actions of a frenemy. Don’t despair; you can’t control what someone else does, but you can choose how you react to them. Are you being a tad too sensitive? In that case, think about taking the criticism on board like a champion.

If someone is really trying to undermine you, stand up for yourself. Don’t let the bully win! The full Moon on February 9 inspires an artistic dream that can now be realised. Your passion may be in music, fine art, decorating, or anything else that allows you to express yourself. Whatever your talent, put plans into action. It can be scary to put yourself out there but be brave and do it anyway.

Conflict arises at work when you clash with your boss or unknowingly put your team leader’s nose out of joint. Smooth things over by getting in super early with all your deadlines. Make it your mission to avoid the firing line.

Venus glides into your money zone, helping you rediscover a lost treasure. A prized possession that’s been lost for ages, turns up in the most unexpected spot. You won’t have to comb through every nook of your house looking for it. It will just turn up when the time is right.

News regarding your finances takes you by surprise in February. Double-check your bank statements and credit card bills for any slip-ups or online fraud. Ensure everything is in order. If you own property, you could find that your investment’s value has risen.

February’s new Moon marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Allow the connection to flourish by spending quality time with your new companion. Don’t have the time to invest? Remember that genuine friends are tough to find. And this one’s brutal but refreshing honesty is just what you need. They’re a keeper.

February’s full Moon shines light on an elusive enigma. A crucial piece of the puzzle drops into place by month’s end. As the picture unfolds, your solution is uncovered, and you’ll know what actions to take. La Luna ensures you have all the resources you need to tackle any mountain.

Mercury drifts into your professional sphere early in the month, encouraging honesty. Don’t allow fear to hold you back. Discuss what’s on your mind at work. It’s no good allowing something to fester because you’re afraid of disappointing your boss or letting down your team. Communicate openly to troubleshoot the issue.

Twins scheduled for surgery can expect things to run smoothly and go according to plan. Your partner or parent will take care of business while you convalesce, so don’t worry about who’s going to feed the dog or look after the kids.

A career connection with an older mentor provides you with valuable knowledge and precious insight. Listen to the stories and advice offered by them. Some ideas might be outdated or irrelevant, and you’ll want to do things your way, but it’s still important to know the history of the job.

February’s full Moon grants you the strength you need to walk away. Perhaps a job, friendship, or partner has become a ball and chain around your ankles. It’s not that you’ve lacked the courage to leave, you just believed things would improve. Although a female boss, manager, or co-worker gives you grief, refuse to partake in office gossip. Triumph by shrewdly winning her over and turn a potential enemy into a trusted ally.

Your sign hosts the full Moon this month, granting you valuable insight into what a VIP really thinks of you. Use this knowledge to your advantage. What you uncover gives you a leg up, leaving you with the psychological edge. You’ll be soon overcome a difficult challenge, heavy burden or tiresome pattern. Although you’ve made a valiant effort to keep multiple balls in the air, now it’s time to take a step back and focus on what’s important. Once you know where to direct your attention, you’ll feel much better.

Mars catapults into your health zone mid-month affording you a burst of energy. Allow it to spur you on towards reaching an exhilarating PB or fitness goal. Be proud of your efforts but don’t push yourself beyond your limitations. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury. You can still go hard, just don’t be foolish and take unnecessary risks.

Mercury’s influence encourages you to pay close attention to your dreams. Your dreams bring important messages in symbols and signs. Whatever images or words come to mind when you first recall your dream, is where you need to direct your attention. By mid-month,

The Sun shines on your relationship, granting clarity. If you’ve been left in the dark about another person’s feelings towards you, you’ll soon know one way or the other. Whatever the outcome, at least you’ll have certainty and can plan your next move. Mars boosts your sex life. Singles bite the bullet and jump in between the sheets with someone they’ve had the hots for but have been keeping at arm’s length. Just remember it might be a bell you can’t unring. Couples get hot and heavy after a party, event, or celebration that makes you realise just how lucky you both are to have each other.

Libra (23 September – 22 October)

Expect a competitive friend to either intentionally or unintentionally stir up trouble in your relationship. Be open and honest with your partner to avoid any unexpected surprises or underhanded intentions. Singles may literally bump into an attractive love prospect at a sporting event, play, or while in the middle of a wild adventure.

February’s full Moon inspires you to hang with your squad, let your hair down, and have some fun. Plan a special get together with your oldest friends. Host a dinner party or catch up over a mocktail. Good friends are like batteries – their energy recharges you.

Menial tasks either at work or around the house cause frustration this month. Keep your gaze fixed on the job. Focus on long term goals and be adaptable, so you can pull yourself out of a sticky situation.

Workwise, an acknowledgement or a promotion stems from a higher-up’s recommendation, revitalising your commitment to your job. Recognition brings extra responsibility and duty but also valuable experience, bringing you closer to your long-term career goals.

Children are in focus, thanks to the new Moon on February 24. Spend quality time with a young relative, or your own child. If you’re a parent, put your hand up to volunteer at the next school excursion. Do something fun! The more creative and messier, the better.

The Sun’s alignment with Mercury urges you to explore your spiritual side. Meditation and yoga are beneficial for your overall health, easing stress. Pondering life’s big questions? Attending church, researching philosophy, or simply connecting with nature can bring a sense of peace and completion.

Put what you’ve learnt to good use. You’ve transcended the lesson, so don’t waste the experience by sitting ideal. Get active about what you want to manifest in your life rather than just talking about it or allowing it to run riot in your head.

Singles savour romantic love, affection, or attention from an attractive stranger. It may not lead anywhere, but hey, flirting does wonders for your ego anyway! Couples; if your partner is not levelling up, and you want more, just ask. Chances are, with a bit of clear communication they will up-their-game.

You’re put on the spot when a partner, relative, or friend asks for a loan. They will remember your support and pay you back as soon as they can. Still, don’t lend more than you can afford to lose.

Mars fires up your sign this month, prompting you to be less concerned with what others think of you. Walk away from any unnecessary arguments; you don’t always have to prove that you’re right (even if it’s obvious that you are!). The people that matter most will see the situation for what it is. And the others don’t matter because you know the truth.

Whether you’re a student or an adult returning to study, February’s new Moon encourages to further your education in some way. A school of thought or a subject that’s unconventional has likely captivated your attention.

If you’re single, Venus winks at your family sector where a family member may be trying to play matchmaker. Usually, they miss the target. But this time, a parent, sibling, or cousin introduces you to someone who rocks your world! Even if your feels are not romantic, they may still make a positive impact.

Venus’ dance with Saturn asks you to tune into your heart. What is it telling you? Which direction do you feel a pull? Trying to find your true north amid endless mind chatter is hopeless. Instead, sit in silence and make room for the answer to pop up during meditation or a stolen moment of solitude.

February’s full Moon brings a significant ending. A job, friendship, or relationship may be officially over, tying up a meaningful chapter. Accept the closure this offers you, as you move onwards, towards bigger and better things.

Now is an ideal time to have a chat with your accountant to see where you can make some improvements. It’s worth checking out the budgeting apps that help keep track of your spending and savings. A few minor adjustments may be all that’s needed to improve your financial landscape.

It’s time to toss a bossy friend to the curb! You may be a softie, Pisces, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know your own mind. You certainly don’t need someone pushing you around, pretending they’re acting in your best interests. Chances are, they have their own agenda and are misdirecting you under the guise of friendship.

Venus harmonises with Jupiter, cheering you on towards a grand ambition. Achieving a dream or conquering a high hope is possible if you buckle down and get serious. Put your nose to the grindstone, work hard, and you’ll reach the finish line with a gold medal around your neck.

February’s new Moon welcomes commitment. Your love life is looking up! For some Fish; a partnership regains its sparkle as you slowly build trust. It will be like the first chapter of a beautiful romance novel. Others should avoid falling into the trap of getting too comfortable.

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