Everything you need to know about Libra

23 September – 22 October


SYMBOL: The Scales


COLOUR: Light blue and lavender

BODY PARTS: Endocrine system and kidneys


Librans are charming, sociable and polished. As the symbol for Libra is the scales, you are like a pendulum, perpetually seeking perfect balance. A harmonious atmosphere brings out the best in you, whereas a chaotic environment is your worst nightmare. You live according to a strict code of truth, equality and fairness, and you are not afraid to speak up for what you believe is right. Your best qualities are your diplomacy, attractive personality, and lovely manners. As for weaknesses, you can come across as aloof and indecisive. Because you see both sides to an argument, you often frustrate others by sitting on the fence. Beauty captivates you, whether it be physical attractiveness or in the form of a gorgeous piece of artwork or a musical concerto.

Librans seek symmetry; if things are out of alignment, it drives you nuts!

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Career and Money

In the workplace, you are a committed employee who prefers to work smarter rather than harder. Librans are capable of executive management, and your expert knowledge makes a good impression on your bosses and colleagues. You are often approached to mediate disagreements, which you quickly sort out with diplomatic flair. Your people skills are nothing short of excellent; management or human resources suit you well. However, you are likely to try out a few different career paths before you settle on something you love. Due to your desire to correct life’s injustices and your interpersonal skills, suitable careers include solicitor, lawyer, counsellor, judge, writer, food, wine critic and secretary.

Librans are ruled by Venus, the money planet, and as such, you are motivated to earn a healthy pay check that allows you to indulge in a little luxury. Surprisingly, you can be uncomfortable when negotiating your own salary. This is because you would go to the ends of the Earth to avoid coming across as greedy or desperate. However, when it comes to other forms of negotiations or navigating your financial landscape, you’re a gun.


In relationships, you are charming, witty and alluring. You seek a partner who is willing to share in life’s wild adventures with you, but also someone content to Netflix and chill. The ultimate romantics of the zodiac, Librans believe in altruistic love and are in danger of falling in love with love itself. In the bedroom, you are a skilled and sensitive lover. The most negative characteristic you have in relationships is a tendency to hide your real thoughts or feelings, in case it offends or hurts your partner. You express your love with great attentiveness and the occasional grand romantic gesture.


The most compatible signs with Librans are Geminis and Aquarians, your fellow air signs. You just get each other, and your connection is effortless. Steer clear of Cancerians and Capricorns. The Crab’s emotional intensity is a killjoy, and the Goat is way too much hard work.

Two Librans can work well together as they share a mutual love of art, beauty and a desire for a peaceful life. Most importantly, a Libran couple loves to share with each other – their dreams, goals and life’s precious, sentimental moments.

Family and Friendship

Family matters a great deal to you. At the first sign of trouble or disagreement, you often act as a diplomat between family members to return the balance. You run a cooperative and fair household, but can avoid expressing your real opinions, to avoid upsetting anyone. A love of teaching and knowledge makes you the go-to person when a family member needs help. Librans are the peacemakers of their family unit.

A social butterfly, you adore big get-togethers with interesting people. Friends appreciate your originality and intelligence. You cope well in social situations, possessing a great ability to mingle with people from entirely different backgrounds to yourself. You will jump to aid a friend in crisis and in turn, can expect your people to be there when you need them.


Libra rules the kidneys and endocrine system, so drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins is crucial for you. Hormones can get a bit out-of-whack when you are stressed, and many Librans are challenged with skin conditions, painful periods or PMS during puberty and beyond. Finding natural support to balance your hormones, such as maca root, meditation or vitex, is best.

Sophisticated Libras have an innate gift for dance, particularly ballet. Pilates may also appeal to you as it concentrates on creating a well-sculpted and refined physique.

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