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It’s the first full moon on Halloween in 76 years and won’t happen again for another 23. So surely this super rare event must have something special planned? We asked our resident astrologist. 

You know the phrase “once in a Blue Moon”? While it’s a common, if not vague, saying to describe a rare event, a Blue Moon is when two full moons land within one calendar month. They actually take place once every two to three years.

Full moons, as you may be aware, are of spiritual and spooky significance: in folklore, it’s believed it can make you behave erratically (this is where we get the word ‘lunatic’, from the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna), not to mention the whole werewolf transformation thing. Throughout cultures over the centuries, a full moon has also been linked to fertility and to mark a time of reflection.

In very general terms, a full moon is often regarded in astrology as a time of fruition or a climax of mental clarity where important decisions are made.

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Blue Moons are full moons on steroids, basically. They can turbo-charge our commitments or set us on a different path with focus and intent.

This year marks an even more extraordinary lunar activity. A Blue Moon (note: it won’t actually be blue, it’ll be the same colour it always is) will occur on Halloween. It’s the first full moon on Halloween in 76 years, according to NASA.

“A blue moon means two full moons occurring in one calendar month – a phenomenon that happens every couple of years,” astrologist Trudie McConnochie tells Body+Soul.

“We have a full moon every 29.5 days, so due to the way the calendar falls, occasionally two full moons will happen in one month. It means we have a year with 13 full moons rather than the standard 12, meaning an extra opportunity for releasing old patterns and getting big breakthroughs in areas that we’re stuck.”

So, what should you expect from this astrological event?

“You could be extra intuitive or sensitive to all things ‘woo woo’ – so maybe bust out the tarot cards, if you’re that way inclined. Pay extra attention to those gut feelings at this time,” McConnochie says.

But that’s not all. Here’s everything you need to know about Halloween’s rare blue moon.

Everything you need to know about Halloween’s rare blue moon in 2020

What this means for Scorpios?

From October 22 to November 21, it’s Scorpio season, so how will this rare event affect our determined, brave, honest pals celebrating their birthday this month?

“Scorpios could get knocked around a bit with this full moon, since it’s landing in your astro house of relationships at what is already a time of transformation,” McConnochie warns.

“You might find old love baggage is coming up, indicating what you need to let go of – if you’re clinging onto an unhealthy relationship, for example, you might find you get clarity on what you need to do.

What impact will the blue moon have on our mood?

McConnochie says we should expect to feel “extra weepy or agitated”, and the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel it the most.

“You might be already feeling it – this emotional energy can even start building in the week leading up to the full moon, then start to taper off in the week following the full moon’s peak. It can be really challenging to deal with, especially if it’s screwing up your sleep cycle, which can happen.”

What you should be mindful of…

“The full moon is happening in Taurus, which is the sign of work, money, beauty and self-confidence.

“There might be developments – not all of them welcome – in your financial situation or career, or you might get a not-so-subtle prod from the Universe about where insecurity is impacting you. For example, you might land a surprising work opportunity that requires you to back yourself and stop playing small. Or maybe you’ll have a major lightbulb moment about how your relationship with your body needs addressing,” McConnochie adds.

“Doubling down on this energy, the planet Uranus is forming a powerful alignment to the full moon. Uranus is the rebel planet, known for turning things upside down – it’s literally the planet that spins on its side! – so some people might experience totally unexpected changes in their career and financial circumstances, challenging them to transform.” Yikes.

Trudie McConnochie is an astrology writer and energy healer. Follow her on Instagram @onegroundedangel.