Do you need a spiritual health check?

As well as your physical, emotional and mental health, spiritual adviser and psychic Rose Smith is encouraging people to look after their spiritual health, too.

“If you are open to self-analysis, you’re more likely to be open to committing to, and making changes in your life that will ultimately result in living a more spiritually enriched existence,” Ms Smith explained.

“Being honest with yourself doesn’t mean always being self-critical and concentrating on the negatives in your life. It’s more about awareness and addressing both strengths and weaknesses.”

“Connecting with yourself spiritually is about being your true self without doing anything or thinking anything. You can connect with your own energy and just feel it. Then later you will be able to learn about the areas of your life that are no longer helping you move in a smooth and positive direction.”

Not taking time for yourself, to stop and take stock perhaps through meditation or self-reflection, Rose Smith argues can have long lasting consequences on your health in many ways – both mentally and emotionally but also in physical form through a build-up of acid in the body.

“Some people worry about money and some worry about relationships and some worry about both! All these things vibrate at low frequencies causing acidosis and more stress,” Ms Smith continued.

“Modern life is increasing stress levels and acid production in our bodies which over time causes illness including depression and anxiety.”

To perform a ‘spiritual health check’, Ms Smith suggests trying to check in with yourself and your body more and try – where possible – to stop overthinking.

“One of the major mental hurdles for most people is to consider is not to ‘live inside your head’ too much and stop thinking for a little while! Sounds easy right? But this actually takes practice.”

“See if you can lengthen the time between thoughts and try to make your mind a clean slate.”

“Being patient with yourself during this process is very important. This time also allows you to acknowledge what these areas, issues, experiences, habits, people, beliefs, addictions represent to you, and why they are holding you back from achieving happiness and fulfilment.”