Comedian Robyn Schall breaks internet laughing at her old 2020 resolution list

Comedian Robyn Schall filmed herself reading out her list of 2020 goals – and it’s probably the funniest and most relatable video of the year.

Remember at the beginning of 2020 – an exciting life-changing new decade – when we all made a list of resolutions? We were going to put our mental health first, save money and even apply for a new job or start a business venture. And remember all those fabulous overseas holiday plans?

Well, that all went down the drain, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. And comedian Robyn Schall’s video of herself reading out her list of goals she wrote back in December 2019 perfectly sums up all our feels.

“Excuse my looks, I’m just, you know, in the middle of hitting rock bottom,” Schall said in her video, whilst pouring herself a glass of wine.

“I found my goal list that I made in December. My goals for 2020. OK, tell me if this is not hilarious,” she laughed.

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“All right. Goal one: Make more money. I, you know, have been unemployed since March,” she commented.

“Travel more. Lose weight. Be more social,” she said.

“I wrote ‘cry less’! I’ve cried every single day of this whole pandemic.”

And then things got really personal.

“It’s not funny, but I wrote ‘Spend more time with my grandma’, and she died.”

The video immediately went viral, amassing a total of 4.2 million views on TikTok and a further 935,723 views on Instagram.

Oprah Magazine commented on the video: “We’re calling it; Best video of 2020.”

Even Khloe Kardashian added: “This is probably the best post of 2020. Oh my gosh you have the best laugh ever! Your laugh is making me hysterically laugh! Bless you.”

Schall told NBC’s TODAY that the response she’s received from the viral vide has been overwhelming.

“I’ve been a comedian for like 10 years,” she laughed. “I made a living doing stand up but I just never got that break. And then I posted this video.”

She added: “I think people just want something to relate to,” she said. “People felt connected in a year that we felt so disconnected.”

At least we have ourselves to laugh at this year.