Coffee alarm, work on the go

Dread that 5am alarm? Check out these simple commuter-approved tips to get the most out of your morning.

The perfect morning routine is as elusive as J-Lo quality abs. We all read the articles boasting the benefits of sunlight, morning meditation and a long and leisurely breakfast. Fellow commuters, and anyone who isn’t a cashed up fitness influencer really knows that these glorious fantasy mornings are just not realistic.

All too often my painfully early morning commute consists of flinging myself onto the train, rushed and sweaty with coffee stains on my skirt from the caffeine hit that took priority.

This year I set myself a challenge, to establish a morning routine that works with my work schedule and fitness goals, while still maintaining my love affair with coffee. After reading every health and wellness publication known to man, here are my morning routine tips for people without a lot of time, money or Instagram-worthy home yoga studios.

Prep, prep and prep

I know we’re all sick of this little four letter word, but if you can take as much decision making and general brain power out of a morning as possible, you will thank me.

Pack the next day’s outfit in the practical backpack, and have breakfast and lunch ready to go in the fridge. I usually opt for something ultra simple and protein packed, like some super filling overnight oats or a chia pudding.

I also lay out my gym gear for the day, as that’s what I travel to work ready for a sweat sesh. This also makes the train trip a little more comfy.

Coffee alarm

A 5am wake up is no one’s friend without some industry level coffee, so my recent coffee machine purchase has been life changing.

I highly recommend investing in this Breville coffee machine, for just $69 it’s pre-set timer functions as a coffee alarm clock. There is nothing more motivating than coffee ready and waiting to inject life into you just metres away, with no effort required. Pop it in a keep cup, ready to start the day fully caffeinated.

Fresh air hit

While it may only be sunrise exposure, one benefit of commuting via the train or bus is the walk to the public transport. I always try to walk the 15 minutes to the train station, which is great relief for my body since I’m sitting down at a desk all day.

Work on the go

While my hour and a half hour train trip used to be reserved for Netflix binge catch ups, I knew if I wanted to squeeze in a morning workout, I had to do some reshuffling.

Swapping out streaming services for the Evernotes app and a motivating Spotify playlist, I knock out some work, which gives me extra time for a workout during the working day.

Sweat and stretch

Before breakfast, I try to kick my metabolism into gear with a 30-minute morning workout.

I’m lucky enough to have a gym in my office building, however Kayla Itsines’ SWEAT app caters to all needs. With short and effective workouts – whether you have gym access or not – she’s got you covered.

I usually do a cardio or core session, followed by some foam rolling and stretches. It’s particularly good if I haven’t had much sleep as those exercise endorphins really help me start the dat feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything.