Charcoal-infused pillows are here to help you sleep like a log

Charcoal-infused pillows are the latest frontier in getting good quality shut eye. Here’s why you need one.

Struggling with sleep? It could be that your pillow is missing a little touch of charcoal.

Yep, you read that right, charcoal. The black carbon produced from heating wood is finding its way into our bedding with promises of A-grade sleeps.

One such product making waves is The Macoda Pillow. This pillow isn’t just any pillow – it’s created with cushioning memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal.

By adding charcoal, the pillow, which you can check out here, absorbs moisture, dissipates heat and even neutralises odour. Making it perfect for the sweaty sleepers in your life, as the sweat is wicked away, heat doesn’t build up and there’s better airflow so no not-so-nice smells are produced (I know what my husband will be getting for Christmas).

Another big draw card is the pillow’s gel glazing. Yep, this bad boy is coated with a cooling gel that allows the pillow to always stay cool no matter what side you flip it to.

So why does this help you get better shut eye? When sleeping it’s important your body doesn’t overheat. As sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo explains “when you overheat, this compromises your production of your sleepiness hormone – melatonin. Melatonin is only produced when you have a cool body temperature. Without melatonin you are less sleepy, more likely to wake up and less likely to fall asleep”.

When flipping through reviews of The Macoda Pillow, people are also astounded by how supportive yet comfy it is. Memory foam has long been hailed as a great solution for those who have neck problems. The head-hugging memory foam in this pillow is designed to be as soft as a cloud, but supportive enough to keep your head and spine where they need to be. And from the converted this seems to be the case.

“When our Macoda pillows arrived I initially thought that they wouldn’t be supportive enough as they aren’t big fluffy pillows. But WOW!! They are like magic, they are so soft and so supportive, like magic! They are soft like a cloud but support your head and neck so that it cuddles you to sleep! So impressed! Highly recommend! Neck problems gone,” wrote one verified buyer on the Macoda Pillow website. While another said: “Soft but supportive to my surprise. I felt as if I was sleeping on a cloud! It’s awesome”.

The Macoda Pillow comes in at $150 and has a loft size (aka height) of 12cm. And Body + Soul readers can enjoy a buy one and get the second one half price. You can check it out here.

And while charcoal memory foam pillows are the latest frontier in helping you get a good night’s sleep, phrases like “buzzy” and “on-trend” shouldn’t put you off – these pillows are the real deal. Trust us! Along with better sleep and temperature regulations they also are made from environmentally friendly materials and are great for people with allergies and sensitivities.

Along with the Macoda Pillow, Amazon also has a range of charcoal pillows so too does Bambi which is available at Domayne.

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