Buy Hot Guys and Rescue Dogs calendar to raise money for no kill shelters

Yeah, feasting your eyes on muscular and topless men will take your breath away – correction, will definitely take your breath away. But have those sexy guys hold rescue dogs and you’ve got yourself the definition of absolute hotness overload.  

This, my friends, is what the new Hot Guys and Rescue Dogs calendar is all about. No, this is not a drill and yes, you’re very welcome.

Shot at the Central Coast Animal Care Facility by Men’s Health photographer Jason Lee, the calendar features picturesque photographs of very fit men playing with the cutest doggos we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Exhibit A: Our good mate Drew Harrisberg and dog Dennis, who Drew even ended up adopting after the shoot. *swoons*

Exhibit B: Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Dylan Rivier casually flaunting that six-pack alongside pup George. *wipes drool*

Exhibit C: These two! Our hearts!!

Oh, and here’s a little 4-in-1 number to get your heart racing even faster.

You can get your “hands on” one of these for only $19.95 from Bennett PR, and get this – all proceeds go towards Australian no-kill animal shelters. So, huzzah! Feel zero shame in purchasing yourself, and all your lucky friends, some delicious eye candy.