Best place to buy quality crystals online for Australia

Need clarity? Looking for calm? Or want to mend a broken heart – there is a crystal for that. 

Miranda Kerr swears by them, Adele holds them in her hand before she goes on stage, and Cara Delevingne raves about their healing properties.

Crystals have never been more popular.

They’re pretty to look at and, for the believers, are packed in powerful wellbeing properties too. Used properly, users believe crystals can draw out negative energy, promote particular emotions and help you better deal with the daily stresses you have on your plate.

Finding where to buy them online can be challenging though and with a sometimes hefty price tag, you want to make sure you’re getting the real deal. So we’ve put together a list of top brands to buy from and our favourite crystals they have on offer.


If you want to buy from small suppliers, who know what they’re talking about and craft crystals with care, Etsy is a great place to start. If you want to explore genuine crystal therapy, go for the Beginner’s Kit ($26.35). The stones are small, which makes them portable, but also the perfect size to explore therapy all over the body. There are five stones in the pack, but we love blue calcite, which is a real powerhouse stone if you’re looking for a soothing effect.

Crystals we’re crazy for at Etsy: Amethyst Healing Crystals and Stones Necklace ($9.00), Moon Phase Crystal Sphere Stand ($20.00), Rose Quartz Sphere Copper Flower Orgone Pyramid ($36.01), Citrine Clusters ($22.40), 26.5kg Green Tea Andara Crystal ($3928.25)

Hard To Find

More experienced crystal practitioners might be attracted to Eunoia Soul Rituals’ journey packs sold at Hard To Find. As well as including a crystal to focus your energies, they also include mists and rollers imbued with the crystal’s properties. The Abundance Journey Pack ($90) is built around citrine. Commonly held to be the prosperity stone, citrines encourage creativity, enhance concentration and can work to revitalise tired minds. Pairing it up with a mist and roller will allow you to fully release fears you may be facing.

Other packs to pick from: Gratitude Journey Pack ($105), Meditation Journey Pack ($85)

Beauty Bay

Ask anyone who knows anything about crystals and they’ll probably talk about amethysts. Beauty Bay’s Kitsch Healing Crystal ($33.50) is an amethyst that focuses on tranquility. They can work wonders for people who are prone to worrying and be useful if you want to work on your intuition as they promote open-mindedness. Place in the bedroom for best results.

Crystals for creativity and good health: Healing Labradorite ($33.50), Healing Clear Quartz ($33.50)

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Adore Beauty

As well as placing crystals in rooms, you can also incorporate crystals in daily routines like drinking water. That’s why we love Maaemo’s infusion bottles. This 500ml bottle ($110) includes a Clear Quartz. Known as the “master healer”, Clear Quartz revitalises the spiritual plane and has the added bonus of magnifying the power of other crystals. Maeemo also has a citrine infusion bottle ($110) if your priority is motivation.

Uncommon Goods

To incorporate crystals into your daily routine turn to Uncommon Goods. A healing necklace is a great way to take your crystal on the go and have the benefits round the clock. Our preferred pick is the Aventurine Healing Crystal Necklace ($112.07): The green stone works as an anti-inflammatory and helps ease allergies.

Gemstone rollers ($39-$48) are another way to work crystals into your routines. A white jade roller is a good way to start the day, as it helps calm your mind and can make challenges seem easier which helps drive motivation.

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