Australian Firefighters Calendar 2021 is here, and it’s better than ever

The Australian Firefighters Calendar 2021 has dropped but there’s not just one to choose from, but SIX. Here’s all the eye candy you deserve…

Just when you were about to give up on the disaster that is 2020, Aussie firefighters have come to save the year.

Yes, the world’s most popular calendar – you know, the one featuring topless, hunky firefighters? – is back for the 28th year, and boy is it D-I-V-I-N-E.

However, this year there isn’t just one calendar to choose from – the firefighters have produced six unique ones.

There’s one filled with steamy pictures of topless firefighters candidly posing by themselves, another with clothed-but-still-steamy-firefighters, firefighters holding cute kittens, firefighters snuggling with cute dogs and firefighters even holding koalas. There’s also an animal-only calendar for anyone needing a G-rated version.

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The 2021 calendars have all been produced in response to the catastrophic bushfires during 2019 and early 2020, which resulted in an estimated loss of one billion wildlife animals. The new ‘Hero’ calendar honours the hard work of Australian firefighters who put their lives in the line throughout this crisis, while the new ‘Animal Lovers’ calendar puts a diverse range of Australian Wildlife, adorable rescue and therapy animals and other iconic animal images in the spotlight.

Selling for $22 each, the calendars will be donating to the native animal charities that are vital to supporting the fragile wildlife. One of these is the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, Australia’s first mobile Wildlife hospital will be built, which will make it possible for the Mobile Hospital to be rushed to wherever the wildlife emergency is.

The six calendars will also be supporting Western Australia’s Native Animal Rescue, Northern Territory’s Wildcare Inc., Queensland’s Safe Haven Animal Rescue and the RACQ, Rural Aid and Kids with Cancer Foundation.

So grab yourself some eye candy while also doing a good deed, and get your hands on them – and by ‘them’ we mean the calendars, not the firefighters or cute animals themselves, sorry – before they sell out.

You can purchase all six calendars here.