Astrologer explains why decisions made now will determine the rest of your year

Mercury is exiting retrograde on July 12, but astrologer Emma Vidgen explains why you need to be more aware now than ever before if you want to avoid chaos and bad luck in the second half of 2020.

ICYMI, we’re currently in 2020’s second Mercury retrograde. This could explain why you’ve experienced more disruption, miscommunication and maybe even chaos over the past couple of weeks.

But the good news is… it’s FINALLY coming to an end on July 12!

However, before you start popping bottles of champagne, there’s something you need to know – the decisions you make and questions you ask before next Tuesday will determine how the rest of your year will play out. If the wrong steps are taken, tensions post-retrograde could actually increase. Yikes.

To make matters worse, you’ll need to be mindful of the ‘retroshade’ period – the two to three-week period that follows every retrograde, which can prove more drama-induced that Mercury retrograde itself. Double yikes.

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Confused and a little concerned? We asked astrologer Emma Vidgen from The Wayward, to explain exactly what this means for you, and how you can make the most out of the remaining days of the current Mercury retrograde.

What can you expect in the days leading up to the end of mercury retrograde?

“While the classic retrograde snafus may feel like they’re easing, communications will be tense in these final days as Mercury squares Mars (especially on July 8). Once Mercury is direct you’ll have an opportunity to tie up any loose ends from the retrograde period,” Vidgen tells Body+Soul.

“If decisions are still up in the air, you have plans in limbo or you’ve had a falling out with someone, the shadow period (12 –26 July) should bring opportunities to clear the air and reach a resolution. Tensions could resurface towards the end of the month when Mercury squares Mars again on 28 July.”

What questions should we be asking ourselves now?

“‘What areas of your life require more nurturing?’ Cancer season is an invitation for us to examine how we nurture ourselves and explore the areas of life lacking nourishment,” Vidgen notes.

Also ask yourself: “’What is the quality of my self-talk?’ Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect on our language, especially the way we talk to ourselves. How can you be more nurturing in your inner dialogue?”

How do you care for your mental health during and after 2020’s second Mercury retrograde?

“Whenever a planet is retrograde, it’s a great opportunity for reflection and recalibration. Mercury rules the mind so when it’s retrograde it’s a great time for stillness and meditation. When Mercury is in Cancer, it’s common to feel a little hypersensitive, even a little teary,” Vidgen explains.

“Work with the energy by giving yourself the space to connect with your emotions and allow yourself time to have a big cry if you feel the urge. There’s a lot processing to be done with all that has happened this year, so take time to check in with your feelings. Cancer is also a nostalgic sign so it’s a great time to go through old photos, re-watch your favourite movies or revisit playlists that take you back to a particular period of your life. Cancer energy is all about nesting and comfort so embrace the vibe and try to enjoy the low-key vibes.

How do you care for your physical health during and after 2020’s second Mercury retrograde?

“Being in water, especially the ocean is really healing (albeit a bit chilly) during Cancer season. If restrictions prevent you swimming – or it’s just too cold – a long hot bath with also work wonders. Gentle movement that wrings you out like yin yoga is also really great.”

What can you expect post Mercury retrograde?

“On a macro level, the second half of the year sees us revisiting restrictions and limitations from earlier in the year as Saturn moves through Capricorn one final time. There’s a sense of urgency around wanting things to move forward quickly as Mars moves through Aries, but restrictions and delays preventing progress as it squares Saturn. The key is to be patient and expect things to take a little longer than you’d hope.”

And then there’s the third Mercury retrograde of 2020 kicking off early September that we have to look forward to.

“Mars retrograde (September 9 – November 12) will add to the frustration on a personal level. No matter how hard we hustle, things just won’t come together as quickly as we’d hoped. Trying to force your way through and resist the current is futile. Slow down, expect delays and use the time to look after yourself and make sure what you’re chasing is really what you want.”

Emma Vidgen is an astrologer and co-founder of The Wayward. Find her on Instagram @emma_vee.