An Instagram account dedicated to couples’ ridiculous lockdown fights exists, and we can’t deal

You’ve probably wanted to kill your partner while stuck in self-isolation with them, and this hilarious new Instagram will prove you’re not the only one having the same thoughts. 

So you’ve been stuck at home in self-isolation with your partner for a few weeks now.

Now let’s be honest here. As much as you love and respect your partner, there’s only so much of them you can take before reaching breaking point. Stuck in such a confined space with them 24/7 can be a lot. Like, a lot.

But you shouldn’t feel guilt for losing your temper (on the reg) or having such horrible thoughts about them because chances are everyone is having the exact same #feels – and now there’s an Instagram page to prove it.

The Social Distance Project is the hilarious new Instagram account documenting the everyday, domestic dramas sparked by the coronavirus lockdown.

It’s full of anonymous confessions, offering an entertaining look into other people’s quarantine life, from one woman complaining her boyfriend has turned her into a “nagging mother”; another couple who fought over a glass of water and ended up with one of them sleeping outside in the car; to a woman who decided to quarantine with her boyfriend – and his mother – after only three dates. Yikes.

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The account started as a tweet from US writer Meg Zukin, who asked the internet to share any relationship drama brought forth by the pandemic after realising the toll quarantining would likely have on her own relationship.

“if u live with a significant other and think all the co-quarantining will cause u to break up, email me … i’m not writing a story im just messy and love drama,” Zukin tweeted.

The tweet went viral and Zukin’s inbox was flooded with messages from people wanting to share how their relationships had been changed by coronavirus.

She was inundated with individuals wanting to share their stories, so Zukin decided to raise some money from it. She started an anonymous Google Doc and requested a small donation in exchange for access to it.

After raising almost $9,000 for food banks, housing support and COVID-19 relief, she turned the Google Doc into an Instagram account and free public website.

But the account, which already has over 30k followers, goes beyond just the standard couple quarrels. Since the first post, it has now evolved to feature all kinds of domestic situations, sharing heartfelt thoughts of people missing their grandparents, the dramas of living with kids, to the struggles of living alone.

Whatever the post, the account definitely helps you feel a little more connected to the outside world.

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