A look ahead at life in February

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares your monthly horoscope for every star sign, for February 2021. What have the stars written for you?

February’s new moon introduces you to a brand-new social scene. No matter how lovely your current besties are, you’ll be making new contacts this month. This bodes well for you on different levels. Not only will this influx of fresh friends bring joy, but there’s also a valuable, professional connection amongst your new crew. Remember that first impressions count and present yourself in your best light. Saturn and Uranus’ rare link reboots finances. How can you rejig your budget to better suit your lifestyle? Take on extra hours at work. Or, consider expanding a side hustle. Watch your income grow as you invest more time and effort into something you actually love to do. By month’s end, Venus reminds you that self-love is where it’s at. Whether you’re coupled up, or single, make the relationship you have with yourself priority number one. All interactions reflect how you view yourself, so nurture your own heart before expecting someone else to do the same.

Expect tension at work to ease once Mercury abandons its retrograde. Need clarification on an important task? Schedule a conversation with your boss after February 21st when instructions become clearer, allowing you to confidently forge forward. Bulls excel at running their own business. So, if that’s you, wait until after Mercury has turned direct to smash a professional target, particularly if it involves collaboration. February’s full moon romances your love zone. If there was ever a month to splurge on a date night with your sweetheart, this is it. All the better if you have a special milestone to celebrate – do it in style! Book a quaint B&B or go all out at a five-star restaurant. Dress up and show up because this is one memory that will last a lifetime. Single? Treat yourself, darling Taurus! Or, organise a pampering experience with friends. You don’t need a man to spoil you.

Home improvements take up a ton of time this month, as the full moon inspires you to nest. Attend to pesky issues around the house that have been put off – fix leaking taps, peeling paint and clean your appliances. But more than that, February encourages you to make your home a sanctuary. If you haven’t already, create a special mediation nook or reading spot. Ideally, this space should have a lovely feel about it and be decorated with special meaning. Let your inner interior decorator loose! This month, an issue from your past bubbles up. The more you try to stuff down feelings of resentment or fear, the bigger that bubble becomes. It’s best to work through emotions as they arise. Book a session with a mental health professional, or chat to a trusted friend. Bouncing your thoughts off a supportive person may be all that’s needed.

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Your sexual appetite escalates in February when Venus tantalises your intimacy zone. You’re hungry to try something new, and perhaps kinky, in the bedroom. If you’re comfortable approaching the subject with your partner, go for it! But think twice before diving into sexual exploration with a new love interest. It’s best to get to know each other better before delving into intimate territory. Matters are on the up and up, so seize an opportunity to collaborate. If this potential partner is successful in their field of expertise, all the better. They’ll teach you a thing or two about an area that’s new to you. Chances are, this person is a female entrepreneur. The Sun’s shift on February 18th encourages adding a unique string to your bow. The more knowledge you have, the more valuable an asset you’ll be, either to your boss, team leader or yourself. As February wraps up, the full moon whisks you away. Singles enjoy a brief but satisfying flirtation, while couples spend valuable one-on-one time together.

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, the new moon on February 12th targets your relationship zone. For some, La Luna creates restlessness. You’re compelled to fix things before celebrating a romantic occasion which would otherwise feel like a farce. See this as a chance to turn over a new leaf. Welcome change with an open mind and heart. For others, Valentine’s day brings a gift, as you’re made aware of your relationship’s blessings. Protect what’s yours, and most importantly, tell your sweetheart how you feel. Now is not the time to take your partner for granted. Towards month’s end, focus on breathing life into a passion project. Mars link to Pluto gives you the green light to pursue your goal, provided you put in nothing less than superhuman effort. Still, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Venus sweetens your money sphere with a bonus, raise or promotion. Eyeing off a luxury purchase? This month is the perfect time to treat yourself.

Mercury’s move in your health zone boosts vitality. You’ll have extra pep in your step, motivating you to become the best physical version of yourself. Seeing positive results of your efforts spurs you on further – but don’t stop there, Virgo. Your brightest sparkle comes from mental and emotional wellness, and while that may not come quickly, it’s yours if you’re prepared to work at it. Intellectual Mercury puts a great book under your nose this month – read it! There’s a snippet of game-changing information you could really use. Write a positive affirmation on a card and pop it up somewhere visible, like your fridge or bedroom mirror. Venus sweetens relationships, lending you enough influence to coerce a business associate around to your way of thinking. On the romance front, the full moon in your sign has your back. Decide who it is your heart truly desires and make your best move. Regardless of whether you’re coupled up or single, your powers of seduction are on fire!

Venus seduces your love zone on Valentine’s Day, alongside happy planet Jupiter. With this gorgeous comic alignment, you can’t go wrong. Taken Librans create a beautiful memory when doing something fun and frivolous. Ride on a rollercoaster, picnic on the beach or dance in your living room. This month, simple pleasures bring the most joy. If you’re single, you’ll meet the absolute love of your life in the most unusual of circumstances. Be open to anything and everything, especially if it’s something outside of your usual comfort zone. Mars’ dance with Pluto sees you entertaining at home. Why not throw a banger of a party that all your friends will rave about? You tend to own exquisite ornaments and artwork, so make sure expensive possessions are kept safe if things get wild. Money wise, there’s work to be done. Go through your statements with a fine-tooth comb and take care of overdue debts. Once you do, you’ll feel as though a weight has been lifted.

Indulging in creative pursuits brings you great satisfaction this month. If you’ve shelved a dream, it’s time to dust it off and put it back in action. This is easy when you believe wholeheartedly in your ability, but if not, you’ll struggle. The key to success is not comparing yourself to anyone else. Your only competition is yourself, Scorpio. Put on your blinkers and focus on the finishing line. Your competition is merely an illusion. This month, the Sun is in your creative corner. Relationships are tested when jealousy rears its ugly head. The remedy is trust, but that must be earnt. Those in a new love match may not be in a position to make demands. If this is the case, your gut instincts are your best bet. Married? Having that tough conversation will work wonders, but do so after Mercury’s retrograde has ended, on February 21st. Then, you’re bound to understand each other’s point of view – and the make-up sex is guaranteed to be out of this world!

Saturn and Uranus’ link call on Archers to rebel! If you’re stuck in a nine to five grind, you’ll desperately want to break free. This month, more than ever, monotony is on par with fingernails scraping down a blackboard. But before you go ditching a secure job, think carefully. Are you financially prepared for a work hiatus? It may sound like a sensible and straightforward consideration. Still, February is anything but that. By all means, abandon what’s no longer floating your career boat. But do so with a plan under your belt. La Luna ripens in the zenith of your chart, highlighting your need to be acknowledged. No longer are you satisfied with giving more than you receive. And you do deserve the world, Sagittarius because you put 100 per cent into everything you do. Spending time at home brings comfort. Pretty up your house with flowers, candles and meaningful mementos.

Shrewd Mercury has its eye on your money zone as Goats that splurge pay the piper. An extravagant purchase is fine if it’s within your budget but avoid piling up debt. Strange, because frugality usually sits well with you, Capricorn. Don’t beat yourself up, though. Focus on saving for a rainy day, at least in February, and your financial health will blossom. Mercury isn’t just about the monetary value this month. You’re also ruminating over your self-worth, which ties in with treating yourself. While you absolutely deserve to be spoilt, there are other ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank. February’s full moon brings a relationship to a head. Learning something new about a business partner or bestie is a real eye-opener! Once you’ve had a chance to process the information, you may decide to pull back. Do so in a quiet, non-confrontational manner.

Mercury picks up the pace in your sign on February 21st. Over the past month, the communication planet stirred up mischief, causing a grievance or misunderstanding. No matter what you said, it was wrong, or at best, completely ignored! Now, you’re on the same page with those that matter. Still, if someone digs in their heels, then trust that the relationship is simply not meant to be. This is the Universe’s way of making room for new and improved people to enter your life. Speaking of a friendship upgrade, February’s new moon graces your sign too. ‘New’ is your buzz word for this month. Suffice to say that the world is your oyster. If it’s a sea change you desire – in any area of your life – money, romance or career. Then, it’s yours for the taking.

Happy solar return, Pisces! The Sun warms you up from February 18th, but you’re more comfortable soaking up solitude than partying. That’s okay. Don’t push yourself to be social if you’re not up to the task. Honour where you’re at. The reason for your introspective mood is that your zone of reflection is heavily activated in February. Go with what feels right, and to hell with the expectations of others! There’s no excuse for bullying, so if you’re victimised in this way, speak out – Saturn’s link to Chiron will have your back. By month’s end, Venus graces your sign, flooding your social calendar with invitations that you’re actually thrilled to attend (even if they’re online events). Present the best version of yourself, because you never know who’s watching. An influential person has their eye on you in a professional and possibly also a personal sense.

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