A crystal grid is the new yearly wellness planning tool you need

Tried manifesting? Forgotten all about your vision board? Sounds like you need to start using a crystal grid.

Unless you’ve been plagued with the curse of bad wifi for the past few years, you’ll know that crystals – those pretty rocks with energetic properties – are kind of a big deal. Not only have they taken over Instagram, you can also find them in everything from wine glasses to drink bottles, and now crystal grids are here to help you supercharge their supposed magical powers.

Just like tarot reading and reiki, crystal grids are just another example of how the wellness world has turned towards more alternative therapies in recent times, and according to Crystal Labs founder Kym Eliopoulos, it’s about time.

“The messages and images we constantly receive on our devices are conflicting and distracting,” she explains. “The more you’re connected, the more disconnected you become from yourself, and this creates confusion with who you are and what you want.”

Enter, the crystal grid.

“It’s a simple ritual you can do to honour yourself and connect you to a higher consciousness in 2020,” Eliopoulos says. “It allows you to be still, to centre and ground yourself and to draw your attention back to your intentions and what your heart truly desires.”

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What is a crystal grid, exactly?

Put simply, a crystal grid is a pattern of crystals and stones that have been arranged into a specific shape, like a circle, triangle, spiral or square. When the crystals and stones come together and are infused with a specific intention, it’s thought that their energies and properties are magnified.

“Crystals have been used around the world for thousands of years for protection, to manifest love, promote luck and restore health,” explains Eliopoulos. “Basically, if you can think it, visualise it and desire it enough, then you can create a crystal grid based on these intentions and focus the universe’s energy in order to amplify your intentions.”

While your bullet journal or vision board might be a great place to note your goals for the year, a crystal grid helps you sift through your wants and focus on your needs instead. It’s not about using crystals to get a new car – it’s about asking yourself what you really need to feel nurtured and content.

“I used to use vision boards and read affirmations every morning, but although these tools are great and can be effective, if you don’t truly believe what you’re saying or visualising with every cell of your body it simply won’t work,” adds Eliopoulos.

“These days, with the unlimited amount of resources at our fingertips, we have very limited ritual based-practices. A crystal grid is a beautiful ritual and a powerful tool to use when manifesting your desires, goals and intentions, which draws us back to our ancient roots.”

What do you need to make a crystal grid?

Although specifically designed boards (like the Endota Spa x Crystal Labs Crystal Grid) can help you see where to place your crystals your more clearly, you don’t always need one. Just pick a space that receives natural light (and is frequently in your line of vision) and you’re good to go.

When it comes to picking crystals, Eliopoulos says to think about your goals. “The crystals you use on your grid will depend on the intention you wish to manifest,” she explains. Reach for amethysts to clear away worry, rose quartz for love and support and moonstone to boost positive vibes.

“Our Crystal Grid also comes with manifestation stones like tigers eye (the stone of good luck and good fortune), pyrite (to boost confidence and lead you into your power) and citrine (to promote inspiration and abundance),” Eliopoulos adds.

“You don’t need a large crystal collection to create a powerful grid, nor is it necessary to know the metaphysical meaning behind every stone! I like to start by choosing the crystal for the centre of my grid and then build from that. Our kits include a clear quartz point, which is a known powerful conductor of energy and is used to charge and amplify your grid’s intention, but you can also use sphere-shaped crystals.”

What to do

Step 1

Start by lighting some Palo Santo or a sage smudge stick to cleanse you, your space and your grid of any negative or statement energy.

Step 2

Write down the intention you wish to manifest.

Step 3

Sit in a comfortable position in your cleansed space and hold the centrepiece crystal in your left hand and your crystals in your right hand. Tune into your intention.

Step 4

Place your written intention in the centre of the grid and sit your centre crystal on top of your written intention.

Step 5

Add the surrounding crystals you choose to work with in a balanced geometric shape. Visualise sending your intention out into the universe to manifest it into fruition. If you find it hard to stay focused and centre, try mediating beforehand or repeat a relevant mantra whilst arranging your stones on the grid.

We recommend you leave your completed crystal grid in the place it was created and ensure it’s untouched for at least 4 weeks to maintain the integrity of its intention.

Happy grid-ing!