8 random but totally captivating things you need to watch on YouTube

If you’re over binging TV shows on paid streaming services, no worries. We’ve compiled a list of entertaining video series you can watch on YouTube. Best bit? they’re all free. 

Right now, the coronavirus outbreak has everyone in their homes #selfisolating. There’s no FOMO amongst friends, because nobody is going out.

Instead, most people are spending their free time on Netflix and Stan.

The conversation in friendship groups have gone from “where are you going today” to “what are you going to watch next”.

But there is only so much you can watch – and rewatch – on online streaming sites.

Social distancing is helpful in preventing the spread of COVID-19, but it’s got us scratching our heads about how we’re going to keep ourselves entertained.

Enter YouTube.

No doubt an oddly fascinating platform – YouTube is amazing for A LOT of reasons.

Firstly, it’s free. You can use the service whenever and however much you like without being charged a penny.

It’s also interactive. You can comment, like and share videos easily. Sorry, Netflix Party.

The YouTube communities – be it beauty, gaming, fitness and others – thrive on social media platforms to keep them relevant. By watching videos you’re supporting independent creators who pump out fresh and consistent content.

The popular video streaming platform is designed to be self-sufficient. Unlike other streaming services that rely on big production companies, YouTube relies on individuals to post videos and there is never a shortage of random clips you can binge on. Whatever content you’re into – no matter how niche – there is a good chance Youtube will have it.

If you’re new to the YouTube world or need some new content to keep your YouTube obsession satisfied, here’s a list of videos worth the watch to keep your mind off the global pandemic.

Warning, they’re very addictive.

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#1. Ken Jeong Answers Medical Questions

If you’re over heavy TV shows and need some light comedy to cheer you up, look no further.

American stand-up comedian Ken Jeong answering medical questions on WIRED Youtube channel, is quite the entertainment.

And before you can laugh away his comical answers, there is some truth to them as he is a licensed physician.

#2. Open Door by Architectural Digest

Famous individuals tend to be private about their homes. But this series by Architectural Digest tours the inside of celebrity homes (or mansions).

Now you can see what the million dollar house of your fave celeb looks like.

#3. The Try Guys

The Try Guys are an iconic quartet, who were formerly at Buzzfeed. Now they have their popular own channel with over seven million subscribers.

As part of their videos, they try to master everyday scenarios and new trends.

They’ll definitely leave you in stitches.

#4. 73 Questions With Vogue

It’s normal to be a little noisey when it comes to the life of high-profile celebrities. And Vogue takes it to the next level with their 73 Questions With series.

In these videos, they interview popular celebs in their homes. So far they have featured Kim Kardashian, Margot Robbie and Zac Efron – just to mention a few!

There’s something about watching a superstar strut around their natural habitat while answering personal questions, which makes it compelling.

#5. Mukbangs

Mukbangs have been trending on YouTube. It’s on the weirder side of the platform, but fun to watch nonetheless.

Urban dictionary describes a mukbang as “an internet fad that finds viewers watching mukbangers binge eating copious amounts of food.”

Vogue has also jumped on the bandwagon, posting a video of Florence Pugh from Little Women eating “a bunch of British foods.”

Just type in mukbang to YouTube, and you’ll be given thousands of videos to pick from. Plus, there are vegan versions.

#6. Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

Now, who doesn’t love James Corden? His accent and sense of humour is just the best. As part of The Late Late Show With James Corden, Corden has began uploading carpool karaoke segments on his YouTube channel.

In these funny clips, Corden and famous singers chat naturally, sing and laugh in the car. Usually, Corden amps up the banter by getting the celeb to answer juicy questions.

#7. Hot Ones

Hot Ones is a YouTube series by First We Feast, where celebrities are interviewed while feasting on the spiciest hot sauces around the world.

If you want to see famous faces being pushed to their limits, this is it. There’s a lot of sweat, tears and swearing involved.

#8. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

People really don’t hold back when it comes to critiquing celebrities publicly. Well thank god for that, or this hilarious series by Jimmy Kimmel Live wouldn’t exist.

In these YouTube compilations, famous individuals read out loud the comments that were made by Twitter users to roast them. While the tweets are savage, the responses from the celebrities definitely do burn as well.

#9. ‘What I eat in a day’ compilations

On Youtube it’s so easy to have a peek into the daily lives of ordinary people. ‘What I eat in a day’ compilations have been popular, for this reason.

Late last year, Victoria Secret model Romee Strijd posted on her channel outlining what she ate in an entire day – snacks included.

So far, it has over one million views and is the most clicked on’What I eat in a day’ clip. Audiences commented on the video saying they enjoyed her authenticity and openness about her eating habits.