8 of the best Aussie podcasts to reboot your health and happiness in 2020

From fitness motivation to mental health care to educational tales that will help you feel heaps more smarter, these all-Australian podcasts will improve you mind, body and soul. 

If you’re not yet on the podcast train, may I suggest you make this year to you start downloading? A Roy Morgan survey showed that this year, over 1.6 million Australians downloading either an audio or video podcast in an averaged four week period – up a whopping 215% since 2015. And that number is sure to grow, thanks to the increased offering in wireless headphones, longer commute times to work, our ever-increasing need to multi-task (or is that obsession?).

Whether it’s a true crime series to get your through your workout (Jessica Biel is a fan of this trick to make her time on the treadmill pass) or an educational course like this one from Harvard to help you feel happier, there’s a series that’s sure to ‘spark your joy’.

We’ve scoured the Apple podcast lists to find the very best Australian-made health and wellness podcasts – based on average listener ratings, number of episodes in the back-catalogue (in case you get hooked and want to binge-listen), and overall entertainment value. Covering topics from fitness motivation to sex and relationships, to mental health tips, these are our pick of the Aussie bunch.

Happy listening!


Why: From Keep It Cleaner founders and Instagram stars Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, this weekly series covers a wide range of health topics in a friendly way, with a new guest each time.

Listen here.

What: Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

Why: One of Australia’s most well-known sexologists, and repeat guest expert on body+soul, Juliet has a no-nonsense approach on how to take the reigns of your own sexuality and improve your relationships in the process.

Listen here.

What: Ladies, We Need To Talk

Why: Yumi Stynes ‘tears open the sealed section on life’ by discussing all the things you need to know about your body, but are too scared to ask.

Listen here.

What: The Minimalists Podcast

Why: Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus dive into the deeper questions of life (without getting pompous or too obscure), and examine how do live less with less.

Listen here.

What: Crappy to Happy

Why: Clinical psychologist Cass Dunn chats to a different inspiring guest each in each episode, exploring a new way to find more everyday happiness in life and ultimately feel ‘less crappy’. We’re hooked.

Listen here.

What: Between The Sheets with Dr. Lurve

Why: Regular relationship expert Dr Lurve has a straight-forward way of unpicking the trickiest of relationship issues, and her new podcast is full of handy dating, sex and communication advice to help your lurve life.

Listen here.

What: You Can by Emily Skye

Why: If you follow fitness influencer and new(ish) mum Emily Skye on Instagram, this is essential listening. Plenty of straight-shooting advice on training, motivation and building a career, with lots of lols along the way.

Listen here.

What: Healthy-ish

Why: OK, full disclaimer, this is the body+soul podcast and I may or may not be one of the co-hosts… ahem. However, obvious bias aside, it’s a great place for a fortnightly update on the latest health and wellness news, as well as hearing from inspiring guests and plenty of banter – because we’re all about keeping it healthy-ish.

Listen here.