7 Best Oil Diffusers For Sleep, Stress & Sex

These ultrasonic diffusers will provide long-lasting aromatherapy to heal your sleep, stress and sex issues – and they’ll look good while doing it.

Aromatherapy is one of those alternative health options that’s just so chic right now, but sometimes it feels like a bit of an effort to take the time out of your day to bathe yourself in cloying oils that claim to heal your every ailment.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to engage in some very low-effort (but still ultra-soothing) aromatherapy thanks to the magic of oil diffusers. And we’re not talking about those flimsy reed diffusers that barely give off any sort of scent – we’re referring to the huge range of electronic diffusers that come in all sorts of shapes, styles and sizes. All they require is a bit of water and a few drops of oil, and depending on the scent you choose, you can naturally remedy a whole bunch of problems from sleep to sex.

We’ve rounded up seven of our favourites from Amazon, dusk, Adore Beauty and more, so that you can add a little sleep-inducing, soothing, or seductive scent to your daily routine.

Best essential oil diffusers

Asakuki 300mL Premium Essential Oil Diffuser, $39.99 at Amazon

A multi-use aromatherapy device, this ultrasonic oil diffuser also functions as a humidifier to improve air and atmosphere quality. With a large (and easy to clean) water tank, seven different LED light colours, multiple mist nebuliser modes and a safety auto-off switch that prevents overheating, it’s got just about everything you need. All you need to do is add water and four to five drops of the essential oil of your choice to be transported into a state of pure bliss – plus, with its chic wood-look finish, it won’t look clunky or out of place, no matter where you put it.

Buy the Asakuki Premium Diffuser at Amazon

The Goodnight Co. Ceramic Diffuser, $120 at Hard to Find

Available in a neutral palette of either black or white, this elegant diffuser has a 100mL water tank capacity to provide a powerful mist of soothing aromatherapy whenever you feel the need for it. It has three mist and LED light modes, and a safety auto-off function when the water depletes. Add three to five drops of your favourite oil, and off you go!

Buy The Goodnight Co Diffuser at Hard to Find

dusk Polly Pink Resin MoodMist® Diffuser, $119.99 at dusk

This device looks more like a mystical crystal ball than a diffuser thanks to its swirling pink marble effect, and it’s a whole vibe. It uses water vibration rather than heat to gently disperse oil molecules combined with fine mist particles, resulting in a safe and subtle release of fragrance. It has two timer settings, three mist flow levels, and multiple LED light options – plus can provide up to 10 hours of continuous mist in areas of up to 30 metres squared.

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In Essence Woodgrain USB Mini Diffuser, $52.99 at House

Perfect for your work desk thanks to its handy USB connector, this mini diffuser still packs a punch. It can run for up to 180 minutes, has eight LED colour light options, a safe auto power off function, and a 60mL water capacity. Plus, the woodgrain finish adds a little luxe to your daily routine.

Buy the In Essence Diffuser at House

Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser, $153.95 at Beauty Bay

Designed to gently diffuse an aroma of your choice to boost your general wellbeing, this pod always delivers the perfect amount of scent – nothing overpowering, but not too subtle either. It has a low energy LED light (which doubles as a night light, BTW) to humidify the air with a fine, heatless mist of scented vapour to stimulate your senses. You can set it to vaporise for one to three hours, and the crosshatch textured design is pretty enough to proudly display wherever you please.

Buy the Wellbeing Pod Diffuser at Beauty Bay

Black Chicken Remedies Skypipe™ Essential Oil Diffuser, $119 at Adore Beauty

With a black porcelain body and 120mL water reservoir, this diffuser by Black Chicken will provide you with up to seven hours of BPA-free therapeutic joy. The ultrasonic diffusing technique means that oils aren’t heated or broken down, preserving their integrity, and there’s an additional night light as a bonus.

Buy the Black Chicken Diffuser at Adore Beauty

Banksia Seed Diffuser Pod, $119.99 at Eco. Modern Essentials

Looking for a unique, eco-friendly and cord-free option? This diffuser harnesses the natural porousness of banksia pods (rather than electricity) to emit a slow release of essential oils over the course of up to two weeks. Not only does it add an ~au naturel~ vibe to your house, it’s also cruelty-free, sustainable and all natural.

Buy the Banksia Seed Diffuser at Eco. Modern Essentials

What are the benefits of oil diffusers?

Oil diffusers have multiple therapeutic benefits. They function as aromatherapy devices which disperse delicate fragrances that have the power to soothe, revive, and stimulate your body and mind – depending on the oil you choose. For example, lavender works great for de-stressing, the lively notes of peppermint will wake you up, and sandalwood can even be an aphrodisiac.

Additionally, oil diffusers can humidify the air – that is, they add a bit of moisture, which is great for when you’re in a dry climate or feeling under the weather with a cough or cold.

Are oil diffusers safe?

Yes, generally oil diffusers are safe to use if you follow the instructions. Many devices feature an auto-off safety switch that prevents overheating, which is a bonus feature to look out for. Many also come BPA-free, to avoid any nasty chemicals mingling with your oils. You should always ensure you keep your diffuser clean, and don’t leave it on all day and night – most have timers you can set to avoid this.

If you have asthma or are pregnant, check with your GP to get their professional opinion on using a diffuser safely.

When it comes to the oils you use, ensure you check for any allergies before stocking up on new oil blends, and double check that they’re safe for everyone in your household (including for your pets!).

How do oil diffusers work?

It depends on the exact model you buy, but most diffusers use ultrasonic technology to make the aromatherapy magic happen. So when you fill your diffuser with the required amounts of water and scented oil and hit the “on” button, the device emits ultrasonic vibrations to convert liquid into water vapour. This vapour is made up of tiny water droplets, each of which carry a dispersed amount of your oil, creating a fine mist with a gentle scent.

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