4 expert-approved aids to rescue your sleep from your snoring partner

Welcome to another installment of Sleep Well Wednesdays – your weekly sleep support delivered straight from a sleep expert (hi, that’s me, Olivia Arezzolo!). This week, I share 4 expert-approved sleep aids available in Australia to save you from your snoring partner.

Sleep: it’s free. And we all want more of it, so why is it so hard to get? Specifically – that consistent, restorative, uninterrupted, eight-hours-a-night kinda sleep. Which is why we’ve enlisted Sydney-based sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo to solve our myriad of sleep concerns with our new editorial series Sleep Well Wednesdays. Check back each week and you’ll be off to the land of nod before you know it.

A recent Sleep Health Foundation study found one in every three face problematic sleep each night – not from their own problems, but their partners. Further, they also noted snoring as the key culprit.

Needless to say, this instalment of Sleep Well Wednesdays will be welcomed by many – whether you’re the one doing the snoring or listening to it.

But before we dive deep into these four expert-approved aids, I’ll remind you – suffering in silence (or there lack of) is not the solution. Not only is it more likely to lead to a sleep divorce, but the ill effects of sleep deprivation can lead to memory loss and escalated anxiety and depression.

So, please thank me on your next weekend getaway.

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4 best expert-approved sleep aids to save you from your snoring partner

1. SnoreMD

Using a technology called mandibular repositioning, SnoreMD is a biomedical anti-snoring mouthpiece. Gently holding the lower jaw in a slightly forward position, this helps keep the airways open through the night and therefore reducing the likelihood of snoring in the first place.

With clinical trials finding such devices can reduce snoring and daytime sleepiness, plus increase REM sleep and overall sleep length, SnoreMD definitely earns my sleep expert tick of approval.

Further to that, the device is easy to wear, easy to clean and can be adjusted in 1mm increments – so the snorer feels like it was ‘made for them’.

Heaven for one, heaven for all.

2. AirBoost Nasal Strips

Another surgery-free, drug-free offering, AirBoost nasal strips gently lift the nostrils to heighten airflow by upwards of 30 per cent – ideal for those with a deviated septum, allergies or a blocked nose.

As a backstory, inadequate nasal airflow can force the snorer to breathe through their mouth, which in itself is a risk factor for snoring, research reports. Attempting to breathe through a partially restricted airway produces the same effect, read: greater likelihood of snoring.

Airboost can help you avoid such difficulties and help you wake up feeling refresh and ready to take on the day.

3. Tempur Millennium Pillow

With academic evidence finding back-sleeping a key factor in snoring, it’s easy to simply ask your partner to sleep on their side. However, our sleeping position preferences are biologically determined, so it’s easier said than done.

To your rescue is the millennium pillow – made for snoring back (and side) sleepers in mind. Gently tilting the head forward, the ergonomic design reduces the risk of the tongue collapsing into the throat, which can otherwise block the airway and worsen snoring.

The design encourages spinal alignment – another key to having a quality night’s sleep and waking up refreshed.

4. Oil Garden Breathe

Want a subtle way to reduce snoring without your partner being aware?

Diffuse this delightful essential oil blend that contains eucalyptus, mint and myrtle. Traditionally used for the relief of cold and flu symptoms, it’s decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties can reduce irritation to the airways and reduce mucous build up, which can otherwise exaggerate snoring.

The inclusion of myrtle also supports deeper sleep so even when your snoring sweetheart isn’t lying your side, diffusing this can help you experience more restorative, rejuvenating sleep.

If your sleep is seriously affecting your daily routine, book an appointment with your GP to discuss other options. And make sure to consult a medical professional for more information on sleep supplements.

Olivia Arezzolo is a sleep expert who holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology); Certificate of Sleep Psychology, Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine); Certificate of Fitness III + IV. You can find her online here.