4 celebs on the time they really should have listened to their mum

Even our favourite celebs have had moments of selective hearing with their mums. These are the ‘nags’ they wish they listened to.

Oh mother! Sometimes advice falls on deaf ears, only for us to wish we’d listened years on.

This is something that most of us can resonate with – like the time our mothers forbid a new piercing or told us not to date that absolutely-gorgeous-but-totally-bad-news boy (sorry, mum!).

In honour of Mother’s Day, we worked with Bras N Things to ask our favourite celebrities what what moment was for them, and it’s a good reminder to be more open to the wisdom our mummas want to share with us.

Steph Claire Smith, founder of Keep It Cleaner

“When mum told me not to bottle dye my hair and embrace my natural colour. I went and did it and tried to hide it from her. It started to go soooo yellow and her punishment to teach me a lesson was to let my regrowth grow out for a good six months until she finally took me to get it fixed by a hairdresser. Every year in high school I then tried something new with my hair colour, until I finally decided to embrace my natural hair colour now as an adult and it’s the healthiest it’s ever been!”

Montaigne, Aussie singer-songwriter

“I should have listened to my mum when she told me it was important to get savvy about personal finances. There are important and helpful things in this world that I’m only just learning about when it comes to money and the economy that I wish I knew a while ago…”

Helen Chik, Fashion lifestyle and travel blogger and Grazia Market Editor

“I should have listened when she told me not to rush into a relationship with men before I fully vetted them. It probably would’ve saved me a lot of grief and heartbreak throughout these years had I taken things slowly.”

Khadija Gbla, African Australian public speaker and human rights activist

“When she told me not to accept in the beginning what I will not accept later. She was speaking about red flags and behaviours we accept from people in the beginning of relationships and friendships. These words ring in my ear all the time.

“When she told me to be careful of those who bring me gossip, they will also take my business to the street. Now I am mindful of gossip ‘Karen’ and the tea she wants to spill.

“When she told me to wear my nice outfits now rather than wait for a special occasion. Ma is right, life is too short. We saw this with COVID, all those nice clothes and nowhere to go. I had to dress up all for myself in my house because I didn’t know when I would get a chance again.”