3 of the best calming podcasts to relieve anxiety and stress

We’ve compiled three of the best soothing podcasts you can tune into when you’re feeling stressed in iso.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, many of us have been locked away from the world – only leaving our homes for essentials.

The isolation, combined with the concern for the health of our loved ones and the uncertainty of the future right now, is a recipe for disaster when it comes to our mental health.

If you’ve found yourself feeling down lately, know that there are ways to heal your mental health. Colour therapy, meditating and participating in new courses are creative activities that can help to keep your anxiety at bay.

You can also clear your headspace and reset your mind anytime by listening to a quality podcast. So which one do you listen to?

We’ve selected the best three, which are relaxing, inspiring and a healthy way to add some positivity to your day. Start your morning with them (or unwind at the end of the day) to boost your mood and mental health.

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1. The Mindful Kind

Listen to it here.

This podcast by Aussie Rachael Kable is full of tips on how to cope with self-isolation, embrace change and cultivate patience, as well as calming mindfulness exercises.

2. The New Yorker Fiction

Listen to it here.

Stressed? Overwhelmed?

You won’t be after listening to Deborah Treisman (fiction editor for The New Yorker) and guest authors read out excerpts from famous stories in their silky, soothing voices.

3. Spilled Milk

Listen to it here.

If you like learning about food — and you enjoy a laugh — you’ll love this podcast by comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. It’s the distraction you’ve been waiting for.

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