2020’s hottest wellness destinations have been revealed, so pack your bags

2020 is all about holidays with a wellness purpose, so here are the most popular places you need to consider booking a trip to.

And this is especially exciting for us here at body+soul.com.au because we’re all about – well – your body and soul.

From mushrooms to massage, kombucha to keto and everything in between, the current decade has had a major focus on transforming – and restoring – your health, wellness and mindset to its optimum potential. But this has now gone way beyond your everyday lifestyle.

No longer satisfied with the traditional fly-and-flop travel philosophy, wellness warriors are now taking those healthy vibes on holiday, too.

And new research from leading online travel company Luxury Escapes reveals this trend is on the rise, with one in four Australians saying they would travel specifically to visit a wellness retreat and a third embarking on walking vacays.

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What is wellness to you?

But wellness means different things to different people. For some it’s about supercharged relaxation, with 32% of Australians saying they indulge in massages when they travel and a further 23% splurging on spa days.

Other people prefer to be active and will book a trip around an activity such as trekking (32%).

And in the ultimate quest for restorative travel, there are the 24% of you who book into a wellness retreat, where the entire focus of the trip – from the accommodation and food to the activities – is on your wellbeing.

Spoilt for choice

If this is all sounding massively appealing to you and you’re feeling inspired to start planning your next healthy break, you’re in luck. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness-tourism market is valued at almost $900 billion and is expected to reach more than $1 trillion by 2022!

That means you’ve got plenty of options.

Want to stay local?

Out of all the wellness destinations in the whole world Aussie travellers say they want to get to in the Restoring ‘20s (more on those later), our very own Tasmania is among the top-10.

With a massive range of outdoor activities from swimming and skiing to biking and hiking, it’s easy to build your own trip. Or leave it all up to the experts and check into a health retreat like Harmony Hill where a two-night getaway ($1200) includes luxe accommodation, meals, massages, meditation classes and more.

With Australia receiving 10 million wellness trips a year from local and international visitors, according to the Wellness Tourism Summit, you’re in the perfect position to find a trip to suit your wellbeing goals close to home.

If you’re in NSW, for example, and looking for some relaxation and rejuvenation, retreats like Olivia Newton-John’s Gaia Retreat in Byron Bay offer two-night Revive to seven-night Restore packages.

For something more targeted, OnTrack on the Central Coast is a weight-loss and fitness retreat where you can stay anywhere from one to 12 weeks.

The Global Wellness Institute puts Australia in the top-five wellness-tourism markets in the Asia-Pacific region, so it’s safe to say that no matter where you live – or how far you’re prepared to travel – you’ll find a destination to suit your healthy-travel goal.

Dust off your phrasebook

Are you wanting to see a bit of the world and add some stamps to your passport in the upcoming decade, but don’t want to return home feeling sluggish and in need of a detox?

Thanks to the Luxury Escapes researchers, they’ve worked out the top-trending destinations that may just give you the inspiration you need to plan your trip.

Counting down for dramatic effect, we’ve already mentioned that our own Tassie came in 10th, followed by Iceland, Bora Bora, Italy, India and Japan from ninth to fifth spots.

Fiji came in fourth, which is great news considering its proximity to and great relationship with Australia. A lot longer to get to, Switzerland came in third, but just scrolling through the pictures on myswitzerland.com will calm you down (try it!).

Not surprisingly, Bali was second. The Indonesian island is famous for its yoga and meditation retreats, not to mention its healthy, fresh food and stunning landscape that lends itself to outdoor adventure.

And the most-coveted passport stamp of Aussie wellness travellers? The South Asian island of the Maldives, with its resorts answering travellers’ requests for alternate forms of healing, fun fitness activities and wellness platforms that go beyond yoga and meditation.

The Maldives was also in the top-10 overall for destinations to visit in the 2020s, according to the Luxury Escapes survey, so look out for all the great deals that are sure to follow.

Safe and healthy travels to you!