2020’s cutest wedding trends that couples are saying ‘I do’ to

What works for one couple isn’t going to be an option for another – hello family expectations – but the great thing about weddings these days is that there is no rule book.

The one-size-fits-all approach is no longer the only model.

Fancy a destination affair? A micro-wedding? What about a full-blown princess extravaganza? Go for it.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, the upcoming AGHA Sydney Gift Fair has compiled a list of 2020’s biggest wedding trends according to wedding planners, event stylists, prop specialists and florists.

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Let the games begin

Weddings have borrowed this trend from your favourite pub, which has board games to entertain you. This is a great way to fill up the time between the ceremony and reception, simply lay out an oversized game of Jenga, Connect 4 or Yardzee. Personalise it by replacing the Guess Who? faces with large images of the bridal party.

Eco conscious

Plastic or single-use decorations are out and natural, sustainable materials are in. The big one for this year is moss. This gorgeous green plant lends a lush aesthetic to everything from photo walls to table runners strewn with flowers and even a moss-lined aisle and altar.

Bridal bouquets with longevity

The days of spending a fortune on a bouquet of peonies that are going to die in a few days are over. Bridal bouquet are now compiled with alternatives that you can keep forever, such as dried florals, jewelry, colourful origami shapes or intricate lace-lined fans.

All hail the hot-chip bar

Everyone loves a bar or any kind. We’ve had all the usual suspects, from a dessert bar to a waffle bar and the next big-thing is the hot chip bar. It’s a selection of all kinds of fried potato, from beer battered to crinkle cut, sweet potato to wedges and all the sauces. It comes into its own late in the evening, after people have made the most of the drinks bar.

Bloomin’ beautiful

Rethink floral decorations by ditching vases which clutter the tables and suspended them from the ceiling instead. It creates a magical, upside down garden vibe and is deceptively easy to do. Use fishing line to tie the stems of flowers to ceiling beams.

Stylised sets

Blame Pinterest for this one. The couple that want to go all out are creating highly-styled, detail-oriented photography sets to make their wedding stand out. Whether it’s an art deco sitting room rather than a photo boot or a whimsical winter wonderland theme using faux fur, shag pile rugs and candles, it’s all about creating Insta-worthy images.