10 genius at-home activities to do over the long weekend (that don’t involve Tiger King)

With nowhere to go, you might be dreading the long weekend. But there’s still fun to be had at-home and the following activities are sure to bring some joy to your Easter break.

The coronavirus outbreak has massively impacted our everyday lives.

Apart from the drastic economical and social effects it’s had on a larger scale, avoiding COVID-19 by social (and physical) distancing has become a personal struggle for everyone.

We’ve had to adjust to working from home, exercising indoors, talking to friends virtually and only going outside with a reasonable excuse.

If you don’t have a set routine, self-isolation days can quickly start blending into one another. Lately, it might seem like your only option is to snack endlessly and binge watch Netflix – most notably Tiger King.

But, there’s actually never a shortage of things to do when you put down the TV remote – and snacks.

To get you out of the #selfiso rut, we’ve compiled a list of engaging activities you can do in quarantine, that don’t involve staring mindlessly at a screen for hours.

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1. Put on your thinking cap

If you’re looking for something challenging but fun, why not replicate a childhood favourite and try doing a puzzle? Not only will it keep your mind engaged, but it’s guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours.

If you’ve got more concentration left, put your brain to the test by doing a crossword or Sudoku. There are lots for free online!

2. Cook a difficult dish

Everyone has that one complicated recipe they’ve always wanted to make, but never found the time to actually try it out. Thanks to self-isolation, you’ve now got all the time in the world to master that dish you’ve been putting off.

If you don’t know where to start, have a look at our healthy recipes for inspiration.

3. Organise your pantry

Be productive and Marie Kondo your pantry this long weekend. It’s a great way to clear out any unused products, declutter your kitchen area and organise items into specific sections.

You’ll feel instantaneously better and maximise the space in your pantry. Plus, you can post an inspiring photo of your endeavours to join the #pantryporn trend on Instagram.

4. Get crafty

A good way to express emotions and stress relief is to let your creative juices flow. You can do this with a therapeutic painting session or even drawing. All you’ll need is some paint and a canvas, or paper, and you’re good to go.

If you want some guidance, Cork & Canvas Sydney are offering virtual sip and paint sessions. Grab a glass of wine and turn on some soothing music.

5. Learn a new language

Learning a foreign language is a great achievement – and can even improve your memory. With so many free language apps on the market, like Duolingo, it’s never been easier to learn a new language. Be consistent with it and you’ll start to see the results.

6. Start a veggie patch or herb garden

Self-isolation is estimated to last a few more months, and so now is the perfect time to invest in growing your own crops.

If you have enough space in your backyard or balcony, start a vegetable patch or herb garden. The Aussie Veggie Patch have some tips on their IG to you started.

And as a plus, Sam Wood says gardening is also a calorie-burning activity. Win-win!

7. Host a virtual party

These days, phone calls just don’t cut it – especially when you haven’t seen your friends or family members in weeks.

Thanks to technology, we can virtually video call our loved ones, so try arranging a video date night with your best pals or family via Facebook Messenger, Houseparty, Zoom or Skype.

For those that are having their birthday in quarantine (AKA Aries, Taurus, Gemini and maybe even Cancer), this is a great way to share a glass of wine through the screen with close friends and celebrate.

8. Film a TikTok challenge

The TikTok app has been trending recently, with many users of all ages (including celebrities) posting funny and relatable short clips of themselves in self-isolation. Amongst the random content that can be found on TikTok, there are challenges you can partake in.

Right now, the #whippedcoffee challenge has been popular, with sassy singer Lizzo jumping on the delicious bandwagon. There’s also plank challenges for the #fitspos and fun dance ones that’ll really test your coordination. It’s a great way to get the whole familyinvolvedd, too!

9. Make a playlist

Music is a great way to study, work or exercise. If you don’t already have specific playlists for each mood or activity, it’s time to organise your favourite songs into different categories. To get you inspired, Spotify has created an “At Home” section with playlists set up for workouts, meditation, families and kids.

You can also try making a soothing quarantine playlist to boost your mental health during this difficult time.

10. Show your body some TLC

Amongst the coronavirus doom and gloom, #selfcare is key. Ideally, you want to take care of your mind, body and soul daily.

Why not do an at-home pamper session with a DIY mani? Or relax your mind with the help of these effective yoga apps? And if you’re looking for a good sweat session, we’ve created a 14-day schedule of FREE online workouts and meditations with celebrity trainers.

Remember, to give yourself some daily love.